es competition.

If you win once, you can advance to the next level, but if you lose once, you will be eliminated.
Among the messages was the latest system news about the Lenka Cup. David clicked on it and saw the game schedule.
The competition is very simple. Tonight is the preliminary round. Both sides must complete the competition within five minutes. If the competition cannot be completed within five minutes, then five second-level Zerg will appear in the arena, and the soldier who dies first will be eliminated.
Therefore, no matter how many soldiers sign up, in the virtual world of soldiers, one night is enough to reduce the number of soldiers who advance to the semi-finals to one hundred.
/“Invincible, you signed up for the doubles match and the singles match at the same time. Skynet will arrange the battles for you appropriately. We can just wait here!” James explained to David.
While they were talking, the two figures turned into white light at the same time, and when they reappeared, they were already on a ring.
At the same time as they appeared, two soldiers also appeared on the opposite side.
Just as James was about to say a few words and wait for the five-second countdown to start the battle, he saw the two soldiers on the opposite side turning into white light and disappearing again.
David and James received a message at the same time: “Your opponent has admitted defeat, you have advanced!”
“What’s going on?” The two looked at each other and said at the same time in confusion.
David opened the message again and found the names of two soldiers. The name of one of the soldiers seemed more and more familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.
He entered his name into the message and found that this soldier was one of the more than 600 failed challengers yesterday.
“Well, it seems that I have met my opponent from yesterday!” David was also a little confused by his opponent’s operation, and he hesitated and said.
/He didn’t even want to think about how his opponent lost yesterday. He simply regarded this place as a game. In order to rush for time, he activated the ‘Extreme Speed’ talent and used the fighting skills of the Heavy Ax Master to defeat all his opponents one by one. The instant kill.
Those battles caused considerable psychological damage to every one of David’s opponents. Anyone who has practiced for more than ten years or more will be killed instantly without being able to receive even a single blow. This feeling of crushing is hard for anyone. The blow to the soldiers was severe.
That’s why when he discovered that his opponent was still David, even if it was a two-player match, the soldier directly chose to admit defeat.
“Hey, let’s see if there is any unlucky soldier who will automatically match us!” Since he has won, he naturally starts to wait again. James also felt sad for the soldier just now.
Because it is the preliminary round, there are very many people who have signed up. Considering the number of soldiers on Lenka Star, and the fact that the virtual cabins of soldiers cannot