In the sixth year of Jingwu, there were nearly 285 Gongsheng students admitted to the Rites Examination.
This amount is not particularly large, but it is not small either.
The proportion of thousands of people is nearly one-tenth.
In the ice and snow, Shi Lun felt sweating all over his body. Firstly, he was so hot because everyone was rubbing shoulders. Secondly, he was worried, until he saw his name on the 109th position.
The 109th Shi Lun from Shijiafang, Jixian County!
Seeing the names on the list, Schlen finally breathed a sigh of relief.
However, after carefully browsing the entire list, his expression suddenly condensed. Among the eight candidates who went to Haojing with them this time, only Zhang Jian and he were on the yellow list.
Zhanxiong also failed.
This made Shi Lun feel quite sorry for him. Zhan Xiong had very solid basic skills and outstanding demeanor, but he gave up. He probably had something wrong with his subsequent strategy or elsewhere.
Shi Lun noticed that Zhan Xiong not far away had a look of loss on his face, and many of the people around him were also sad.
/In the ice and snow, there were still some people who lost their temper and cried loudly, or shouted outright that it was unfair.
Shi Lun felt that the atmosphere was gradually changing and found an opportunity to slip away.
Afterwards, Shi Lun ran back to Zhuangyuan Residence in one breath.
The No. 1 Scholar’s residence is no longer as lively as it was ten days ago.
Most of the candidates had dispersed. If they didn’t win the exam, they wouldn’t have the dignity to go back to the No. 1 Scholar’s residence to meet a group of friends. Most of them could only stay indifferently, pack up their clothes, and prepare to leave the capital.
In other words, some of the candidates who are on the yellow list can work harder towards becoming the number one scholar.
Shi Lun met Zhang Jian here.
Seeing Zhang Jian, Shi Lun’s eyes were filled with joy and he first stepped forward to congratulate him.
“Congratulations to Brother Zhang for ranking second on the yellow list. He is expected to be number one!”
“Brother Chengfeng, you and I are happy together!”
Zhang Jian cupped his hands slightly, with a smile on his face.
From this moment on, the relationship between the two of them has actually reached a higher level. They are not only friends with the same interests, but they are also the same age.
As Jinshi in the same field and good friends, they are very likely to become political allies who will help each other carefully in the future.
This relationship is destined to be closer than an ordinary friendship.
Shi Lun also realized this early, and he could clearly see the master and his subordinates. He was also born as a county magistrate. Zhang Jian was superior to him in terms of wisdom and ability to deal with people. He would most likely achieve great success in the future. above him.
Deep down, Shi Lun didn’t mind this, not only because Zhang Jian helped relieve his confidants and allowed him to successfully particip