e able to do it.

As for the emperor’s official appointments and wishes, Zhang Jian didn’t care.
Because according to his current progress, if you give him a period of time, sooner or later he will be promoted to the position of public minister and take charge of the court.
After drawing a big pie for Zhang Jian, Emperor Jingwu finally calmed down and gave Zhang Jian some actual benefits.
After Zhang Jian left, he drafted several imperial edicts one after another!
“The Jin Dynasty granted Zhan Shifu Shao Zhan Shi, and Zhang Jian, a bachelor of the Academy of Culture and Sports, was appointed as the Shaofu Temple Prime Minister. He was also the Minister of Danong Temple, and received the title of third grade!”
In addition, Emperor Jingwu issued two more imperial edicts with a stroke of his pen, gifting Zhang Jian’s mother and wife, two Zhang Qi clans, with the title of third-grade lady respectively.
“Zhi said: Virtue accumulates good deeds, and the descendants will be honored by it. The shogunate promotes honors, Xishu favors the ancestors, and the family reputation is great.”
In the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, Emperor Jingwu personally sent a special envoy from the palace to the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion to announce the decree. Not only was he given a imperial edict, but he could also use this edict to meet the queen, directly enter the palace, and participate in many affairs in the harem. Banquet, as well as the salary, dental cards, etc. that a third-grade official should have.
After reading out the imperial edict, Zhang Jian sent someone to see Liang Shiwu off. Of course, before leaving, he also received a small red envelope.
Seeing this red envelope, Liang Shiwu’s originally smiling face became even more happy.
/“Husband, is this the royal treasure?”
Looking at the imperial edict in his hand, Qi Yuhua had a big belly and a look of surprise in his beautiful eyes.
Seeing the happy look on Qi Yuhua’s face, Zhang Jian shook his head and said.
“Look at your potential, a third-grade imperial concubine will send you two away!”
Emperor Jingwu was more stingy than expected.
He has improved so many seeds, especially the emergence of this big tomato, which will help Emperor Jingwu stabilize the world situation to the greatest extent. This kind of credit is no less than a great victory, and it is enough to be granted a title of prince or prime minister.
As a result, Emperor Jingwu was very stingy and only promoted him to the first rank and gave him two third-rank imperial edicts.
This is actually not uncommon.
For important ministers in the court, such as him, the imperial court should have given imperial edicts to show its favor and honor.
After joking with Qi Yuhua for a few words, Zhang Jian actually knew that what he did had aroused the vigilance of Emperor Jingwu.
Firstly, it was because he was already a third-rank official at a young age. He was granted the title of Marquis in advance and would not be able to be granted the title in the future.
Secondly, they are worried that he will take this opportunit