el real person became an offense in the eyes of the high-level real person.

el real person became an offense in the eyes of the high-level real person.
“Whatever the Du family says, we have saved the royal family,” Du Sanchao replied unhurriedly, “The true king is still interested in helping us and sent troops to help us attack the Wei family. It is normal for us to want justice.”
After all, the fifth elder As expected of the Du family, he is neither impatient nor impatient, and dares to argue with reason when faced with pressure.
The corner of Zhang Zhenren’s mouth twitched, “The imperial court has its own discretion in how to deal with the Wei family. If you want to take credit and be arrogant, it is not because of your Du family.” The
/fifth elder snorted coldly and replied tit for tat, “If it cannot be dealt with fairly, it is not your fault. Blessings to the imperial court!”
These words were very choked. Master Zhang wanted to take the opportunity to get angry, but considering that there were disciples from the Arctic Palace and Xuannv Palace in the opponent’s camp, and the British King’s guards were not far away, he finally stopped. Dare to make things big.
In fact, it is nothing more than a little resentment towards Du Jingjing. Without this factor, Zhang Zhenren himself would not like King Xiang. In the past, he even sympathized with the King of England. Of course, from today on, he will no longer sympathize.
/When the matter came to this point, even if it came to an end, in the following time, the King of England continued to build houses, and the faces of the Imperial Guards and the Security Bureau around him were not very good.
The Du family was not in a hurry to leave – they had to go through the formalities the next time they came. Master Shao and his two friends spent the whole day wandering around Xuantian Temple, exchanging cultivation experiences with each other without any urgency.
In fact, everyone is waiting to see King Xiang’s reaction.
Since the last time he applied for seclusion to think about his past, the Crown Princess issued another decree, scolding him for his nonsense and asking him to explain all his misdeeds to his superior. However, the matter of sending him to the ancestral mausoleum was never mentioned again. .
Since ancient times, loving mothers have often lost their sons. The old lady has a reputation as a virtuous woman, but she really has failed to pass the test of her son.
He dared not go to the ancestral mausoleum, so Prince Xiang naturally had no intention of explaining anything to his nephew. Anyway, he was a dead pig and was not afraid of boiling water.
But for the court to close the case of Zhao Xinxin’s assassination, an explanation must be given, with so many royal families watching.
Prince Xiang’s Mansion will definitely not admit that this case is related to their own family, but they can no longer protect the Wei family, otherwise the public case over Lelang Dujiao will be enough to drink a pot.
After another five or six days, the Wei family finally slowly arrived at Shuntian Mansion. It was said that they were also