ng immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention, and they couldn’t wait to see it.

ng immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention, and they couldn’t wait to see it.
Seeing that even Zhao Xinxin could not stop anyone, King Ying appeared, and he snorted coldly, “Okay, be on guard, now is the most dangerous time, be careful of someone attacking! Didn’t you see, several Taoist priests were seriously injured? ?”
Everyone rushed to Li Yongsheng anxiously, and then they were shocked to find that Du Jingjing in the south and Zhang Muzi in the north were both bleeding from their orifices, their bodies were shaky, and they could hardly sit still.
Even Shao Zhenren, who was in the east position, didn’t look good–that powerful attack was too powerful!
Only Li Yongsheng’s place in the west seems to have no problem. The only thing that has changed is that the six red spirit stones have turned pink, and it is a very light pink, almost white.
/He closed his eyes and meditated here, but Du Jingjing and Zhang Muzi said at the same time, “It’s nothing. It’s just a small earthquake that injured the internal organs and meridians. Don’t move us. Get some wound medicine and spiritual grains.”
The attackers also took it seriously. , although the attack did not succeed, it was able to shock and injure the two peak cultivators in charge of the formation. One can imagine its power.
Wrong, these two were not the only ones who were injured. The Nineteenth Emperor’s Uncle in the center of Wujitu was spitting out blood and slowly fell to the ground – he had been severely injured just now. The remaining willpower was able to withstand the subsequent small shocks.
At this moment, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore and passed out vomiting blood, with a smile still on his lips.
However, the Five Elements Life and Death Formation completed its mission, but who knows whether the attackers will make follow-up attacks?
So the King of England is right, it is really a dangerous time now.
Chapter 418 Taking advantage of the victory to counterattack
Just when many cultivators had just given up watching Li Yongsheng and came to the outside of the small courtyard to be on guard, Master Shao stood up.
He already knew the status of Du Jingjing and Zhang Muzi through his spiritual thoughts, so he sighed and shook his head – the attacker’s hand this time was really big.
He threw two pills into his mouth and walked quickly around to the west.
Just as he was passing by Zhang Muzi in the north, King Ying appeared in front and said with a smile, “Shao Zhunzheng, you have worked really hard. Take a rest.” ”
I’m not tired,” Shao Zhenren shook his head and raised his hand. He arched his head and answered simply, “I have paid a lot this time. Your Royal Highness, I have repaid your hospitality.”
He tied the fate of breaking the situation to Zhao Xinxin. Such a level of action should be regarded as It is not enough to repay the favor with the pass, but it is more than enough to repay the hospitality given to the British Prince’s Palace in recent days.
“Why are you so polite?” The King of England replied with a