small episode. The most important thing is still the competition for survival in the Cultivation Academy.

The “real person” is very active in the battle space. He has won again in many consecutive battles. This has also attracted the attention of many people. Winning in the battle is not a big deal below the 30th floor. But the problem is, this real person What’s amazing is that his Yuanli has always been at level 20. No matter how strong his opponent’s Yuanli is, he always fights with level 20. He has won ten consecutive victories, which has attracted the attention of many people. .
But something happened that really made Zhenren famous.
/Ge Mang from the Queen’s camp publicly challenged the “real person”. He was willing to fight the real person in the fighting space, and voluntarily lowered his Yuanli to below level 30. If the real person was willing to fight with him, no matter whether he won or lost, he was willing to pay for it. A thousand-grade spiritual stone, and the real person can challenge him at any time. If the real person is willing to challenge in the academy, he can accompany him at any time.
/Ge Mang was truly a man of the hour in the Cultivation Academy. He was above the 30th level of Yuanli and was the main force in the Queen’s camp at the 30th to 40th level, yet he actually challenged such an opponent.
Suddenly there was a commotion in the entire Cultivation Academy. With Ge Mang’s strength, even if he lowered his Yuanli below the 30th level, his realm and knowledge still existed. This was completely different from those real opponents below the 30th level. They are two concepts.
And who is Ge Mang? Five-star king!
The queen’s subordinates are all warriors who have experienced hundreds of battles, and this Ge Mang has a terrifying record. Who is he interested in?
Even a nobody can become famous overnight.
The question is, will this real person agree?
“A thousand spiritual stones, Mo Wuzheng, isn’t he a little too stingy? Why don’t you come up with a decent magic weapon? What if someone looks down on it or even insults it?”
Ge Mang said.
Mo Wuzheng shrugged helplessly, “Let me tell you, Lao Ge, do you have some economic sense? Think of it as a thousand stones. I analyze that this real person will not come from a wealthy family. Too much is not good. We’ll find out later.”
Ge Mang was really impatient. It was rare to meet a good opponent. He was really interested. Watching a real person fight would give him a burning feeling, which was exactly what he liked.
“Haha Mingyue, you should communicate with Ma Tian’er carefully when you have time. I heard that this girl was hit by a wood-corroding needle during the battle. This was too careless!”
Mo Wuzheng said to Mingyue.
Mingyue glanced at Mo Wuzheng indifferently, “Experience and lessons are the best teachers. She should have learned a lesson after being hit by a wood-eating needle but not dying.”
Mo Wuzheng was speechless. How did he get along with these people for so many years? Ma Tianer was also a weirdo. He was so careless that