led to inflict heavy damage to the Ten Thousand Demons Cult.

Either don’t do it, or do it more harshly.
It seems that it is not difficult to anger Qi Feiyu. Now we are waiting for his invitation to fight. It is not impossible for high-level cultivators to fight with low-level cultivators, but the price they have to pay is higher.
Not long after Wang Meng left, Qi Feiyu also left. This incident really angered Qi Feiyu.
In Qi Feiyu’s view, the struggle between the Ten Thousand Demons Sect and the Holy Church is just a means to strengthen himself. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect has the advantage, and Qi Feiyu can benefit. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect is at a disadvantage, and Qi Feiyu can get more benefits. The key is his The biggest opponent is dead, so how to control it depends on his preference.
During this period, due to the continuous killing of his disciples, the head teacher was very anxious and urged him many times, which also gave him a lot of benefits. Otherwise, how could he be so unscrupulous in a place like Wenxiang Zuixian Tower.
But Wang Meng was too arrogant. If he didn’t kill him, he would really think that he was afraid of him. These holy disciples always like to forget themselves.
It’s just that this kid is less than thirty levels, two levels behind. Not only will he have to pay a lot of spiritual stones, but he will also have to lower himself to ten levels before he can challenge.
/But even so, he must be killed, which can be regarded as revenge for Qian Fei.
/Qi Feiyu suddenly calmed down when he thought of Qian Fei. Qian Fei died in the hands of this kid.
accidental? coincide?
Qi Feiyu thought about Wang Meng’s provocation and felt a little wary. Qian Fei was not a careless person, but he died from the wounds of a weaker opponent than himself.
Thinking about Wang Meng’s provocation, it was obviously intentional. This man seemed rude on the surface, could he have laid another trap?
All along, when demon cultivators look at saint cultivators, they always see them as a group of hot-headed fools, but in fact, saint cultivators are not necessarily any better than demon cultivators.
You must kill, but you have to spend some money to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Wang Meng is running the Five Elements. After fighting Qi Feiyu, he can try the third stage of practice. Once Yuan Li reaches the 30th level, his power will definitely make a qualitative leap. Wang Meng is also constantly mastering it during this period. With various techniques and calmness, it is really difficult for a cultivator to resist the temptation of increasing Yuanli.
“What did you say?” Yan Yuyue stood up when Jiang Qingqing said the news.
Jiang Qingqing looked at Yan Yuyue, her eyes changing, and Yan Yuyue realized that her reaction was a bit exaggerated.
“Sister Yuyue, you are relatively familiar with Wang Meng. Do you think he has any trump card, or did the Holy Temple give him some powerful magic weapon?”
Jiang Qingqing said that a person with such a strong mind would not be a simple-minded person, but she really cou