Tian Feng calculated, the time is wrong, it should explode now?

“It can’t explode.
Suddenly a voice sounded in the fog.
Tian Feng was stunned, “Who are you?”
Followed by Yixi, “It’s you, hurry up, Wang Meng is already in the trap, just use the sky and earth fire thunder to blow him into ashes.”
Three hundred and thirteen, is this also a reason? !
“Really? I sold the Bang Di Huo Lei that day, which seemed to be quite valuable. There were only a few rocks buried underneath.”
The man in the mist said helplessly.
Tian Feng was stunned, “You are crazy, you want to betray the Ten Thousand Demons Cult!!!”
“Betrayal? When have I ever betrayed?”
“You are so brave. I will definitely report it to the leader. You are dead. By then, neither the Ten Thousand Demons Cult nor the Holy Church will be able to accommodate you!”
Tian Feng said sharply.
/The figure in the mist is getting closer and closer, “Really? I’m afraid you can’t see it.”
Akito’s voice gradually emerged, and Tian Feng was stunned. He didn’t expect that “one of his own” turned out to be Akito.
Data shows that this Akito is the most popular among the disciples of the temple.
In an instant, Tian Feng’s neck was stuck, Netherworld Ghost Hand!
Tian Feng struggled desperately, but Akito’s expression seemed very relaxed. He walked out slowly with his hands behind his back and put his fingers to his mouth, “Shh, don’t make any noise.”
“Ahem Akito, why are you?”
Akito smiled slightly, “I’m so sorry, Senior Brother Tian, ??I’m not afraid of opponents like gods, I’m afraid of opponents like pigs. I suddenly feel that you are not even as good as pigs. Living is a trouble for me.”
“Are you going to betray the leader? Don’t forget it,” Tian Feng said hoarsely.
Akito shook his head, “To me, there is no difference between the Holy Church and the Ten Thousand Demons Cult. However, the Ten Thousand Demon Cult arranged a very interesting opponent for me, which made my life meaningful, so I am still willing to serve the leader. , but your presence will lower my level.”
Tian Feng is going crazy. There are people like this who lower their standards. Is this a reason?
The key is that for this reason, he actually wanted to die. Tian Feng understood that the so-called plan to kill Wang Meng was simply to dig a hole for themselves.
However, he was unwilling to accept it. All of this was just because of his standard.
“Senior brother, I really wanted to talk to you more, but unfortunately I don’t have time.”
Akito exerted a little force, and the Netherworld Ghost’s hand emitted black light. Tian Feng began to age rapidly, and soon began to break, completely turning into fly ash.
Akito looked into the distance with an indescribable smile on his lips.
This is his game, and he wants to play it well, but now, both Wang Meng and him are too immature. How can they end it so hastily when they are not even qualified to be on stage?
Five Elements Body?
How exciting.
Akito’s body is divided into two parts, as if he wants to dominate Yin and Yang.
Everyone in th