, he is completely the successor of classical swordsmanship.

Fan Hong held his breath, hiding all the breath in his body, and wanted to get closer, so close that Qingyun could not resist his attack!
Jianping also has a range!
The characteristic of Netherworld Dark Emperor Body is silent attack and killing, and head-on confrontation is not his way.
The last step, there it is!
Fan Hong was about to appear, but suddenly his eyes blurred. The bright sword tip was pressed against his throat. As long as he moved forward a little, his life would be gone.
A little bright red, Fan Hong’s stealth gradually faded away. Appearing next to Bu Qingyun, the distance between the two was very close. Fan Hong had a dagger in his left hand. It’s a pity that there is no chance to take action.
Canghai raised his hand, “In the first formation, Qingyun Sect’s step Qingyun wins.”
After speaking, he smiled and said, “Qingyun, please say something.”
Although he is the leader of the Star Alliance, Canghai has always behaved in a low-key manner. This battle on the other side is a stage for the younger generation, and he is not here to steal the limelight.
Bu Qingyun put away his sword, “A classical swordsman is a swordsman!”
Gentle yet domineering. The pole swept down all the other sword cultivators, and all the sword cultivators in the waiting area had smiles on their faces.
Fan Hong could only smile bitterly, sometimes entering does not completely represent an opportunity.
This is a gap. When you reach the Pure Land, you don’t need anything else. Don’t think that everything will be safe if you have a holy statue. In front of those truly strong people. Not worth mentioning.
Absolute strength is the key to victory.
And at this point, almost all the weaker ones have shown their abilities in previous battles, and the ability-based icons have no secrets at all. In this case, it is even more difficult, and they are very likely to be seen through by the opponent.
For Bu Qingyun. Don’t let him know, as long as he knows. There is no chance to display this ability.
Whether it’s Fan Hong or Zhou Qian, the easiest way to deal with Zhou Qian’s weird holy ability is to attack him without giving him a chance to use it, or to keep the distance and not give him any chance to use it. Like control.
No one is easy to mess with.
Of course, Bu Qingyun’s words received warm cheers from the disciples of the Qingyun Sect. This is the style of their senior brother!
/This stage not only shows strength, but also personal charm. This is the best moment to show yourself to thousands of small worlds.
/Of course this belongs to the winner.
In the second round, Ghost Gate Wu Yi faced against Holy Hall Zhang Xiaojiang.
As the leader of the younger generation of human monks, Wu Tong, who possesses the Hundred Ghost Night Walker, has an absolute advantage. He is the truly powerful faction, and of course the absolutely ruthless faction.
In Starlight City, due to Zhang Xiaojiang’s appearance, countless monks began to cheer. This place has almost become the ho