rs are everywhere, the altitude is less than five thousand meters, and cultivators who come and go don’t regard it as a mountain. are air coordinates.

The solemnity and vigor of cultivators brought by the higher immortal plane gradually merged with the vigorous spiritual energy rising from the entire earth star. The small “Huashan Mountain” in the past was merged into the current Huashan Mountains in Xiyue. As a great sword sect , the area of ??influence does not reach one million square kilometers, and I am embarrassed to say hello to people when I go out. You must know that the influence of powerful cultivators is often based on planets or even galaxies.
/His hands were folded in his big sleeves. Zhu Peng, who had always been dressed in gorgeous and elegant clothes, was now wearing a casual and simple robe. He was sitting cross-legged on a shabby spiritual ship, with an old man with a bright head. , drink wine together, and talk about the changes in the world.
“This air route is a safe route that has only been explored in recent years. The two opposing forces are the Huashan Sword Sect and the Kunlun Court of Dixing. I won’t go into detail about the Huashan Sword Sect’s Yue Buqun. The world Everyone knows that he is a ‘modesty gentleman’, and the Huashan sect’s reputation is also very strong. There are very few strong men who can cut the path under his rule. Even the strong men of Sheng, the demon sect, are either afraid of his sharp gentleman’s sword, or they betray him to some extent. Bo Mian, I will not come here to do such unprofitable business. And the leader of Kunlun Court, Master Yuxu, is also an open-minded and ambitious person. He takes care of his disciples and gives us businessmen a way to survive. His rule is stable and there are few obstacles. That’s why so many markets exist in the gap between these two major forces, where merchants can travel, buy and sell, and exchange what they need.”
“In comparison, Nanyue Hengshan, Beiyue Hengshan and even the Songshan Sword Sect do not have such conditions. Nanyue Hengshan and the Eastern Sword Qi Alliance are locked in a fight. Mr. Mo Da doesn’t want to fight, but he can’t control the guys of the Sword Qi Alliance every step of the way. Press closely, Beiyue Hengshan confronts the Beidi Demon Sect of Dixing, a Buddhist sword field, a bloody demon sect, the killing is so dark that the sky is dark and the earth is dark.”
“Songshan Sword Sect is indeed powerful, but the four major alliances of the Earth and Star have joined forces to besiege it. In other words, Songshan Sword Sect is the strongest sword sect of the Five Mountains Sword Sect. If it were other sects, they would be left alone and helpless. The center of the Earth Star Monk Alliance may have been beaten into powder by those Earth Star monks long ago. In fact, it is true. Who would have thought that the strength of the monks from a primitive planet could be as strong as brothers? They could actually compete with the higher immortal realms. All the sects have been strangled to death. This situati