of Ten Thousand Monsters?

I have to mention the vixens here. They knew it so well. In the fierce competition in the harem, they developed new tracks for fox ears and fox tails, ensuring that the first generation of demon emperors could die young.
/Back to the topic, Lu Bei returned to Gaiyuan City and was immediately happy to learn that Kong Ci failed to escape and was suppressed by Taiyi Yantiantu.
For the sake of his filial piety, Lu Bei did not do anything to Weng Chong, but he could avoid the death penalty but could not escape the living crime. He was sent to the Yin and Yang chart of creation and turned into a female bird.
It’s a pity that the peacock has never transformed. It still has the face of a bird whether it changes or not, and its happiness is reduced by half.
Weng Chong didn’t know this, and when he saw his son turning into a daughter, he was afraid that he would lose his virginity, so he made a special trip to dress up and look at his ‘husband’, and his eyebrows became a little more charming.
There is a saying that if Kong Ji never comes, the uncle will occupy the magpie’s nest, and there will really be nothing to do with him in the future.
Lu Bei arranged the seats for the two demons, mother and daughter, on the left and right, sweet words to make Weng Chong happy, and tried his best to stir up Kong Ci’s anger. He was angry and angry but couldn’t get angry. The dilemma of having to call daddy, not to mention how happy it made him. .
“If you dare to run away again, my father will send your mother to the bridal chamber.”
Lu Beiyin said harsh words, and Kong Ci nodded obediently, sitting timidly, not daring to show his teeth anymore.
Idle and idle, Lu Bei released the prisoners of the Xiangliu clan. All the males were sent to the underground palace, while the females stayed behind. They continued to play music and dance.
Such a good waist, if you don’t twist it twice, it will be in vain.
After twisting and turning, he found something was wrong. Several female snake spirits had wrong eyes, and they were not angry about being defeated and captured. They were eager to eat the birds.
This is what the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons looks like.
“This is unreasonable, Kong Ji is such a courageous dog!”
/In Gu Diao King’s City, Gu Zhou was so angry that he said angrily: “Take it back and then take it back. His wings are hardened and he doesn’t take this king seriously anymore. Well, the Gu Diao clan will be cut off from Peacock from now on.”
“Your Majesty, calm down. This matter needs to be discussed further.”
An elder advised him that the situation in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom was in chaos, and Kong Ji was the one who had to win over him. Without him as a pawn, it would be much more difficult for Gu Yue to win the title of Demon King.
Among the Eight Kings, the Gu Diao clan has the lowest bloodline limit. Every time they win the position of Demon Emperor, they have to rely on political means of alliance and vertical alliance. For this reason, other royal clans often take advantage