ncient classics and gathered the heads of the Dao and Demon families. I spent ten years of hard work to develop the secret recipe. There is no way to sell it on the market, that is, my brother. , no one else can find a place even if they add money.”

Lu Bei:
The handsome boy was at a loss for words for a moment, and silently put the secret medicine package into the Qiankun Ring. The name was so elegant, and Dongporou layman and duck both expressed their regrets.
Seeing Lu Bei put away the medicine bag with a thoughtful look on his face, the corners of Hu San’s mouth raised slightly.
/It is impossible to drug someone, only a fool would do it.
The Taifu was ruthless and ruthless, and if he really got into a life-threatening lawsuit, he would suffer a loss of life and ashes, or he would be married to his son. From then on, he would have nothing to do with the colorful world. His wife and children would be on the bed every day, which is very sad just thinking about it.
Lu Bei was different. His half-brother, commonly known as the scapegoat, would be a shame for the suffering he had suffered alone over the years if he didn’t use it as a trap.
Thinking of this, Hu San increased his energy and said seductively: “Remember to be nice and show off the majesty and momentum of our family. Mother’s face will be bright. It is indispensable for you to share the inheritance before leaving. It belongs to the capital.” The big house has several maids and housekeepers who have signed the contract of sale!”
Lu Bei was overjoyed when he heard this and nodded heavily: “Don’t worry, big brother, we brothers joined forces, calculated mentally or not. If one person named Mu can escape, can he escape the other one? Whether you believe it or not, I don’t believe it anyway!”
It is impossible to drug someone, only an idiot would do it.
The Imperial Master was known for his decisiveness in killing, and if he was involved in a life-threatening lawsuit, the third fox would be protected by the second fox, and at most he would be beaten severely and then be married off. His godson, who was not related by blood, would most likely die on the spot if he dared to take advantage of Hu Er’s name.
Maybe he would have to be castrated before he died, which is sad to think about.
I can’t take this job. From now on, I’ll count on Hu San and pay double filial piety to my godmother. No more.
“You are absolutely right. If you and I are working together, can she still run away?” Hu San was overjoyed and nodded in agreement.
“Good brother.”
The two looked at each other affectionately, with high hopes in their eyes.
Good second brother, I have decided to retire from the world and no longer care about the grudges of those old women. I will count on you for the rest of my life!
Good big brother, this little brother has just entered the world and is of low strength. It is up to you to inherit the grievances and grievances of the previous generation!
“Hahaha” x2
In the past, the Qinggan territory was now the frontier land around Wu