ot have the artistic conception of the unity of heaven and man. She controlled the dragon veins of thousands of miles of sea, sacrificed her life to unite, and achieved unparalleled results by using tricks.

At the same time, five colors of light rushed behind Lu Bei, green, white, red, black, and yellow. The five elements and five colors were like a waterfall of light, falling down from the sky to the ground.
He does not have the magical power of a peacock, so he uses the Five Elements and Five Symbols method to simulate it. At first glance, it looks no different from the real thing.
Under the violent pressure, the four demons immediately lost their voices, foamed at the mouth and fainted.
In the distant city of Xiongcheng, a white light rose into the sky, like the light that broke through the sky, splitting the black clouds with a sharp blade.
“Peacock Demon King, what kind of wind has brought you here?”
The white light fell to the ground and turned into a young man with an elegant face, Yan Xiu, the leader of the Honghu clan and the demon king of the Mahayana period.
Yan Xiu and Kong Ji are both thugs at the level of the Demon King. They have a very good relationship. They were close friends in their early years and their relationship is so good.
Yan Xiu, Liu Tu Deer, one of the seven stars of Suzaku.
“Hmph, don’t keep getting involved here. Mr. Hong, you covet the beauty of my concubine, condone the robbery by your tribe, and get both the stolen goods. Do you have any excuses?”
/“Ah, you dismissed me with just one word?”
Lu Bei was furious and pointed at Cheng Jian: “The Honghu clan is so courageous. They clearly don’t take this king seriously.”
Yan Xiu winked hurriedly, “Brother, what kind of performance are you going to perform today? This step is not in the plan!”
Somewhere in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, Kong Ji and Kong Ci were at home, acting like father and son, and Ni Dan’s voice was even louder. Dog Father couldn’t bear to beat the bird and left in anger.
Before going out, I shivered for no reason.
He didn’t take it seriously. The plan was proceeding step by step, perfectly covering up the truth of his stolen pictures. Everything was under control, so he should laugh.
Kong Ci was angry and walked away from his old father. He was also angry and went to find his mother step by step. He made the decision, and it didn’t matter if he didn’t want her.
Cover far outside the city.
The Kong Ji that Lu Bei pretended to be was arrogant and unreasonable. Once a person is unreasonable, he can find all kinds of reasons. He got what he wanted for the sake of being angry. With two punches, Yan Xiu ran away with his head in his arms.
The swan is a large white bird with pure white feathers. It is said to be one of the branches of the phoenix and has a very high bloodline limit.
As a flying type, Honghu’s bloodline can inspire supernatural powers. Under Lu Bei’s attack, this battle can barely be a 50-50 split.
Lu Bei is responsible for beating, and Yan Xiu is responsible for being beaten.