the limit. All ten times will not be used up.

Zhang Jian focused his eyes on the blank Dao map. This time, he activated part of the power of the soul’s will with his thought, and saw that countless pictures suddenly appeared on the blank Dao map, among which the main All that surrounds him is the unknown divine energy deep within Zhang Jian’s soul.
In the beginning, the depths of the blank path diagram were still manifested normally.
But with further simulation and deduction, various astonishing signs appeared on the blank road map, as if infinite ink was born from it, and countless scenes were drawn inside.
Zhang Jian’s Yuanshen will merged into it, but he saw a terrifying scene. A magnificent divine energy bloomed from his body unknowingly, filling the boundless sea of ??origin of chaos, heading straight towards the rules of the origin of chaos, leaving the boundless origin of chaos. The rules also trembled.
At this moment, even Zhang Jian felt his Taoist heart shaking violently.
At the same time, Zhang Jian faintly saw a white-gold divine light.
This power suddenly emerged, and countless inks emerged from the depths of the blank Dao map like a torrent.
/All kinds of divine patterns of the great avenues of heaven and earth appear in the ink, as if they are trying their best to evolve this mysterious divine power.
At the same time, the blank Dao map changed, and the magnificent primitive ancestral energy around Yuli Blessed Land Cave Heaven turned into a torrent and was forcibly swallowed into it, enhancing the power of the blank Dao map and simulating this power.
But in an instant, he saw a magnificent white light flowing out from the depths of the blank Dao map. This power suddenly emerged and turned into a vast ocean, gushing out.
Boom! !
In an instant, the entire blank Dao map was suddenly torn apart, and vast divine energy escaped from it. Under the influence, this Yuli Blessed Land was like a strong wind passing through.
Deep in the Yuli Blessed Land, there is another magnificent force that faintly manifests from it, turning into a magnificent Primordial Divine Wheel, which faintly suppresses immeasurable time and space, the laws of heaven and earth, and even suppresses boundless chaos.
But he saw a white light emerging, and in an instant, white gold cracks appeared around the Primordial Divine Wheel.
Click click click.
Zhang Jian opened his eyes and even heard the sounds of billions of laws of heaven and earth, countless primitive ancestral energies being annihilated and broken.
Inside, heavy white lights could be seen wandering around and wreaking havoc.
But the strange thing is that Zhang Jian, who is sitting on the cliff, is exuding layers of pale white-gold divine light, and is not affected at all.
“This is the blessed land of Yuli”
Zhang Jian looked around with his majestic primordial will. At this time, he could feel that the magnificent Yuanshi Divine Wheel gradually began to break and fall. A terrifying divine energy continued to impact and wreak havoc from it. The entire Yuli Bles