ng goes well, the Zhang family will be able to complete the initial layout soon.

At this time, inside the tent, An Ruming’s face suddenly darkened. He clenched his fingers tightly, but after a moment, he felt a little weak.
With the strength and moral character Zhang Jian showed in Beichu, there was no way he could challenge him.
An Ruming’s face changed, his fingers relaxed slightly for a moment, and his eyes became dim.
In Hao Capital City, the Zhang family residence has been flooded with guests during this period.
Especially when I learned that many vassal kings were rushing to Haojing City, there were more and more guests, but Zhang Jian never showed up, which made many civil and military ministers a little anxious.
Fortunately, half a month later, Zhang Jian finally showed up.
In the Zhang family hall, many civil and military ministers gathered together, and it seemed like a small temple.
The ministers gather together, the stars shine brightly!
Wang Huan, the only remaining Taiwei among the three princes, sat under Zhang Jian, followed by Tingwei Wang Wan, Zongzheng, Wu Wang Wei Xi, Weiwei, Fengchang and other nine officials, followed by many people wearing An important civil and military official of the noble family.
Including the leaders of several other general factions in the army: Hancheng Hou Gu Chen, Dingyuan Hou Song Shang, Yubei Hou, Feilai Hou, etc.
Wang Huan didn’t mince words and directly asked the question he wanted to ask the most.
“Scholar Zhang, I would like to know where the two princes and the queen are currently?”
Zhang Jian looked at everyone. As the situation changed, he knew that the civil and military officials could no longer sit still.
At this time, he really should show his own attitude!
/Just smiled.
/“The Queen and the two princes are now in Fengyang County. I will take the two princes back to Haojing City later!”
The old lieutenant’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but ask again. “Which prince does Academician Zhang think can inherit the throne?”
This is also the issue that everyone is most concerned about.
Zhang Jian looked at everyone and sighed secretly in his heart. He realized that from beginning to end, these ministers had never doubted that he wanted to replace them.
It’s more that he wants to be a powerful prime minister.
But this is better!
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated, and he said with a slight thought.
“Although the Queen is currently pregnant, she has no children. The smooth growth of the heir in her belly is still open to question. The remaining two princes are not from the middle palace. In your opinion, what should be done?”
Next to him, Wang Wan smiled and cupped his hands and said: “This matter still needs to be decided by the great scholar. The great scholar is the sage of our dynasty and the only real person who controls the country in the dynasty. The two princes can only make decisions with the approval of the great scholar.” Overwhelm the country and suppress many rebellions!”
“Exactly, we all listen to the Grand Master!”
Several nobles