all body waved away the golden halo, and walked quickly towards the entrance of the cave.

Lu Bei followed closely behind, his Immortal Sword Intent blooming with white light, protecting himself and Zhan Hongqu from being eroded by the black mist.
The unconscious Zhan Hongqu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he stretched his body as close to Lu Bei as possible. He was not polite at all when facing the immortal sword intent that was so close at hand. Regardless of whether he could pretend it or not, he tried his best to fish it into his body.
The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth twitched, and he secretly cursed his pig teammates. They can’t even act, so what’s the use of you?
He raised his hand and pinched his long leg. Seeing that Zhan Hongqu ignored him and concentrated on absorbing his sword intent, he sneered twice in his heart and opened his big hand to touch the base of his leg.
It finally stopped.
“My dear nephew, look at it. You can recognize these two lines of characters.”
After passing through the cave, the two came to the huge mountain space. Zhu Wei pointed to the ten-meter-high tombstone and asked.
/“I recognize some of them. They are ancient Chinese characters from Daxia.”
Lu Bei looked intently at the stone tablet and slowly read out two twisted lines of the epitaph: “The past rides on the east wind and is not mentioned to future generations.”
“My wise nephew is very knowledgeable. Today’s monks are impatient and blindly pursue strong strength. There are fewer and fewer juniors as studious as you.” Zhu Wei praised.
“No, Lu just read a few more books while others were sleeping.” Lu Bei said modestly.
Regarding the languages ??of Kyushu Continent, he used his qualifications and learned two foreign languages.
One is demon writing, and the other is Daxia ancient characters, both of which come from Mo Buxiu’s library. You can get started with just a few skill points.
Conversation can be strenuous, but reading and writing is no problem.
In ancient times, the human race had a large country with a vast territory, stretching from the Buzhou Mountains to the north, the Kunlun Mountains to the south, the Black Sand Sea to the west, and the vast ocean to the east, including Wuzhou, Xiongchu, Qiyan and other countries within its territory. .
In terms of the size of its territory, the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom shook their heads when they saw it.
At that time, the strength of the human race was at its peak, and the demon cultivators in the territory were born as oxen and horses, and either became mounts or learned to ride.
Later, it didn’t work anymore, because the territory was too big. The ancient country of Daxia fell apart overnight, and various places raised their flags to establish their own country. It took a full thousand years of chaos before it began to recover and recuperate.
/Later, the first generation of demon kings was born, and a generation of fierce men fought all over the world. If you don’t accept it, they will beat you until you submit. If you don’t accept it, you will disappear from b