ke through the closed divine realm spells around the hall in an instant, and went straight into the body of the Red Flower Empress.

The Red Flower Empress has also absorbed many incense, but she has never encountered such a pure and flawless incense.
This seems to be conceived by the way of heaven.
The flawless incense entered the body and directly replenished the body of the Red Flower Empress. Her remaining divine power, which had been consumed, expanded rapidly. After a while, she directly returned to her prime, and even faintly broke through a level, and the divine body was truly condensed and formed.
The blazing fire that surrounded him turned into a real fire wheel at the back of his head.
There is a Vulcan mark emerging deep in the middle of his eyebrows.
“Has the priesthood truly come together?”
Looking at this scene, the Red Flower Empress looked shocked, but in an instant she reflected it. A strong fire all over her body rushed out along the psychic channel, and her whole body turned into a strong fire and ignited the plaster on the forehead of the god.
Crackling! !
And the countless densely packed runes around the appearance were all ignited, and a magnificent red light of incense flew out, directly into the depths of the eyebrows of the beautiful woman who was caught off guard.
The beautiful woman’s face changed drastically, and there was still fear in her eyes.
She originally wanted to use the surrounding formation to weaken the magical power and foundation of the Red Flower Empress in order to occupy the magpie’s nest. Now that the Red Flower Empress’s magical power has suddenly been restored to a higher level, the situation has been completely reversed. How can she continue to do so? After suppressing the red flower empress’ soul, she was turned over with the help of the formation and her body was controlled.
After a moment, countless fiery red lights circulated around the beautiful woman, and incense flowed from all directions. In an instant, it sank into the depths of the beautiful woman’s eyebrows, condensing a fiery red mark deep in her eyebrows.
At this time, outside Fengyang County, while many Fengyang County officials were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the imperial envoy, several figures had quietly entered the city in disguise.
Changning Street
In front of the Qi Family Mansion, several figures looked at the Qi Mansion.
“Brother Xue Dao, you may have seen clearly the changes in Qi’s fortune. Is there any sign of rebellion?”
“Or is it the appearance of Longxing?”
At this time, a figure appeared with a stern face, and next to him was a middle-aged member of the wealthy family.
Chapter 113 Cutting down mountains and destroying temples
/“This time, I specially requested an imperial edict from His Majesty for Brother Xue Dao. With the blessing of the imperial edict, it can minimize the damage caused by Wang Qi!”
/Hearing this, the wealthy Yuanwailang nodded and smiled.
“Thank you Brother Cai for protecting me. Brother, I will try my best. This time I will definitely disti