ront of him, but Zhu Peng was still talking to himself. In short, the ambition and domineering displayed by Zhu Peng at this moment made people feel heartbroken. It was really a tiger’s body, and Wang The domineering spirit spread everywhere, and even the elder of the Cui family, who was on the verge of mental collapse, gradually stabilized his state of mind under Zhu Peng’s words.

At this time, Zhu Peng suddenly saw Bai Ling beside him, staring greedily at the blood pool below, and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Since you want it so much, then go down to the blood bath and drink. Anyway, there are countless souls in the sea of ??blood here, and you can devour some of them.”
Zhu Peng’s doting words made Bai Ling couldn’t help but cheer. She was originally a demon who loved blood. After using herself to cultivate the Shura Gourd, Zhu Peng never owed her a single penny, and he had countless precious elixirs, but he never hesitated to save money. Goods, but after all, the endless blood and soul in front of me is not as good as the demon.
/At this time, Bai Ling received Zhu Peng’s permission and cheered. Then the Shura gourd on Zhu Peng’s waist immediately flew up and merged with Bai Ling’s soul to transform into a nine-tailed catcat and fell directly into the endless sea of ??blood souls. , began his own blood bath for the soul. It is conceivable that after this endless devouring that is most in line with the nature of the demon, Bai Ling’s future potential will definitely increase significantly. This is the reason why heroes emerge in troubled times. Only in troubled times can there be opportunities to swallow the sky and the earth.
Seeing the iron-sand cat civet jumping into the endless blood pool, swallowing blood and soul wantonly, the ferocious aura between heaven and earth, benefiting from his own demonic nature and the sharp courage to kill heavy treasures, Zhu Peng couldn’t help but smile. Showing a warm smile. As a demon, seeing this endless blood and living soul, he could still hold back and not move even half a step before Zhu Peng agreed. This in itself showed her absolute status in Bai Ling’s heart. For her own sake, she It has really reached the point where you can sacrifice most things in your life. If you have such beauty, what else can I say?
/Thinking of this, Zhu Peng suddenly felt that no matter how many strangers he killed, as long as he could earn the laughter of the beautiful woman next to him, it would be truly worth it. A long time ago, Zhu Peng had already determined his closeness and distance. And the rules of doing things, at this moment, it is just another confirmation.
However, at this moment, the storage space bag on Zhu Peng’s waist suddenly flew up on its own, and a faint black light was seen covering the storage space bag. The next moment, the space bag spontaneously spit out a slightly black light. The scroll of Mang, with the ferocious ghosts and infinite dead souls depicted on it, seems to be drawn by the sinister atmosphere of the dungeon at this moment, which is very similar to th