antage of the situation and said hello.

The Heavenly Official Emperor and the Earthly Official Emperor were quite enthusiastic.
Thanks to Zhang Jian, they entered the Emperor’s Temple early and grabbed a seat, and their attitude towards Zhang Jian completely changed.
And they also saw Zhang Jian on the throne, looking like he had gained a lot.
Naturally, they would not exclude Zhang Jian from such a proud man.
On the contrary, although Emperor Shuiguan greeted him, he was quite cold.
Zhang Jian had a vague suspicion in his mind, but he didn’t care.
If Emperor Shuiguan really thought he was a threat, he couldn’t change that.
He can never let go of his progress.
/The Emperor Tianguan over there also sighed a little.
“This Eternal Heavenly Lord is indeed a proud man among the few in this era. Even the top-ranked geniuses on the Tao Seed Board cannot cover up his brilliance!”
The local official and emperor next to him also said.
“The divine body is indeed unique!”
The two emperors somewhat sighed.
/The years of their enlightenment were before this Era. Although they had been reincarnated when the Era first came, they were still not very sure about attaining the Dao Lord.
He even made plans to accumulate another epoch.
Seeing this scene, the five ancient gods of fortune, longevity, happiness and wealth just smiled slightly.
They are different from the Sanyuan Emperor. Their priesthood has not been passed down. They have always been carried by the ancient gods. Naturally, they have more experience than the Sanyuan Emperor who succeeded them.
It is nothing for the divine body to have this kind of performance.
In ancient mythology, the performances of those with great supernatural powers are astonishing.
Not long after, disciples from the Tongshan Taoist stronghold entered the teahouse and met Zhang Jian. Patriarch Yu Wang invited him.
Zhang Jian immediately stood up and said goodbye.
In the teahouse in the distance, Ji Qing was also communicating with some ancient immortals. Most of these ancient immortals and ancient gods were on good terms with the Ji family, and some of them were the vassals of the Ji family in the past. Nowadays, Daoxing is not weak, and many He has achieved the status of Taoist Lord in the ancient era.
For example, Chi Chengzi, a qigong practitioner.
Another example is Limu.
Ji Qing also saw Zhang Jian’s presence from a distance.
In the Emperor’s Temple, Zhang Jian’s progress was seen by him, which caused his impression to change.
“Does Master Ji recognize this Eternal Heavenly Lord?”
Taoist Chichengzi next to him looked at this scene and couldn’t help but look inquiring.
Although Chichengzi once assisted Xuanyuan Huangdi, he was actually a casual cultivator. Now he lives in Kunlun Heaven, and he is in his own line as a Taoist king.
Ji Qing shook his head slightly and said.
“In the main hall just now, among the immortal gods who broke through on the spot, only this Eternal Heavenly King is impressive. The path revealed by his location is also of the earth’s nature, but I do