ly one response: “Discuss again.” Fortunately, when Zhu Sansan chose to implement currency reform at this time, he did not have to seek the support of these guys in front of him.

After all, Blood Soul City is still under the high control of Blood Soul Ridge at this time. The Blood Soul Sects do not agree with the currency reform. Zhu Sansan can also carry out this reform through bottom-up reverse means. For example, there is now an additional option in the salary payment of the Blood City Defense Force, that is, the normal spirit stone salary will decrease by 20%, while the price of blood banknotes of the same value will increase by 30%.
/That is to say, the monthly salary of a normal city defense force is ten low-grade spiritual stones. Since the currency reform date, his spiritual stone salary has become eight yuan, but the replacement is thirty blood souls equivalent to three low-grade spiritual stones. Paper money, these thirty blood soul banknotes can be exchanged for items of exactly the same value as three low-grade spiritual stones in any commercial organization operated by the blood soul ridge in the blood soul city.
/Such an almost mandatory reform method will certainly cause some instability in a short period of time, but the lower-level monks in the city defense army will soon realize the benefits. After all, spiritual stones are like gold and silver in ancient China. Although it is a constant equivalent, it is inconvenient to carry and has fewer units, which is not conducive to normal transactions. At this time, even the senior officials of Blood Soul Ridge cannot afford a storage bag, let alone the lower-level city defense monks.
Therefore, after the power of the political system gradually matures, the emergence of a fixed and simple equivalent must be the general trend, and it cannot be resisted by the monks of the various blood sects. However, without their consent and assistance, carrying out this kind of currency reform with only the Blood Soul Ridge clan would be extremely stressful, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the progress would be very slow. “I have always believed that there is no problem with the policy of unifying the currency, and it is even more imperative to issue blood banknotes. This is a necessary step to further integrate the combat power of Blood Ridge. There may be opposition and pain, but the final result will definitely be positive. The long-term development of Xuelingling is beneficial to me.” Zhu Sansan, who transformed into the image of Zhu Peng, slapped the document angrily. After all, he did not want to argue with the monks of various sects in front of him. Anyway, the reform policy has been partially developed. After a while, let The people in front of them knew that the situation was irresistible, so they couldn’t help but bow their heads.
After speaking, Zhu Sansan walked away with a puff of his sleeves. The fierce wind turned into a whirlpool, forming a small whirlpool of considerable size in the conference room. It actually brought out a lot of spiritual pre