feats, it will be better than ten years of experience in the military. Thinking about the doomsday disaster a few years later, Zhu Peng secretly made a decision in his heart. However, before that, some further information needs to be confirmed.

“The Linghu family is famous for its cunning and cunning, but with my master’s ability and wisdom, how could he be so unwise? He was surrounded and killed near Lingwu Lake, and he couldn’t even break out of the encirclement?”
After hanging out with Su Wenshe for three full years, Zhu Peng has a deep understanding of how powerful and capable this teacher is, and he has a weird personal charm. He can lead an army and fight in all directions. His ability is even more powerful than that of Zhu Peng’s father, Zhu Tiejai. Some. Such a person may not be able to surround such a person even with three to five times the number of troops.
“From the beginning of the battle, the Anti-Blood Alliance used a large number of monks from scattered sects to hold off Lord Wenshe’s attack. When Lord Wenshe broke through the enemy formation and was about to win, the Anti-Blood Alliance actually ignored the monks from all the sects inside and directly An extinct volcano below the battlefield was activated with a pre-arranged formation. At that time, the area within a hundred miles above the battlefield was filled with endless churning earth fire lava. If it weren’t for Lord Su Wenshe’s amazing skills, he wouldn’t even be able to lead the remaining troops to break through to the spiritual mist. lake.”
After Gong Hanying finished speaking, Zhu Peng immediately took a breath of air-conditioning. This anti-blood alliance or the top leaders of the three alliances are ruthless enough. They hurt themselves first and then others.
/He did not hesitate to use all the troops outside the alliance of the three tribes to trap and kill the blood elites. Such a vicious trick not only severely damaged the blood elites led by Su Wenshe, but also forced them themselves into a situation where they had no way to retreat. Dead end.
/After this battle, if there is no big victory, the anti-blood alliance will collapse in an instant, and the three major families and the scattered small sects facing revenge will all have a headache. What’s more, there is the behemoth Blood Alliance watching from the side.
On the other hand, if it succeeds, the pattern of the three clans occupying the Qinwang Ridge will be determined. The elite forces of each sect have been swept away, but they cannot completely defeat the Blood Alliance. They will give up part of the resources they possess to destroy the small sect. Will the Po clan still fight for their lives and fight them to the end?
This war is, to put it bluntly, just a battle for resources. After the Three Clans Alliance, the small sects that originally occupied part of the cultivation resources were destroyed, and the large sects that had lost considerable vitality, such as Blood Soul Ridge, were in possession of At the same time as resources, we must also recuperate and digest