abs the sword.” For two seconds, the next moment, the sword light suddenly rises like the rising sun, bringing endless murderous intent and fierceness, like a living electric dragon with scales and horns heading towards the head. The huge earth-burrowing giant insect rushed away. The gathering of powerful force almost naturally affected the minds of all the creatures present. Not to mention the giant earth-boring insect that was the target, even the ordinary earth-boring insect beasts that were killed all around were stunned in front of this terrifying sword. This terrifying power beyond the limits of their thinking perfectly shocked these insect beasts that were originally fearless of death, just like ordinary mortals would instinctively fear and kneel down when faced with the absolute power of God.

The thunder magic power that Zhu Peng had painstakingly cultivated since his childhood has finally revealed its terrifying power as his cultivation has become increasingly profound. Fortunately, the blood monks around him were mentally prepared for the perversion of their high priest. Although they were still frightened by the terrifying and ferocious sword roar, this did not prevent them from taking the opportunity to swing at the stunned insect beasts around them. Knife, for a moment, the surrounding ground-boring insects suffered heavy casualties, and green insect plasma juice spilled all over the ground.
“Roar” Faced with the terrifying blow from the spiritual sword that turned into a dragon, between life and death, the earth-burrowing giant insect showed its strength at the ninth level of Qi refining. The crimson flames mixed with the essence of the giant insect’s body fluids exuded molten gold and iron. The powerful power was sprayed directly from the mouths of the three giant insects, covering the roaring and killing dragon sword.
Three red pillars of flowing flames collided with the flashing lightning of the Youlong Sword. The Youlong Sword first advanced ten meters with its strength, and then advanced another ten meters with the sharpness of its blade. At this time, the Youlong Sword had already reached the point where it was killed. The flames of the three giant insects converged. If it could break through the flames, it would be able to pierce into its target’s body. Unfortunately, facing the combined attack of the three giant insects on the ninth level of Qi Refining, the Wandering Dragon Spirit Sword He was forcefully pushed back, and gradually lost the prominent sword pressure just now.
Looking at the situation on the field, a young monk from the United Front turned back in a panic and shouted: “Priest, why not?”
/He didn’t say “why not”, because when he turned around, he was shocked to find that the high priest behind him had disappeared. A crisp sound of “dang” sounded in front of him. The monk turned around in fright, only to find that a silver sword penetrated the mouth of an earth-burrowing insect beast, and a faint and sticky green blood slowly dripped. A light green mark formed on his young face.