far more difficult than followers. Countless, of course, and countless powerful.”

The young man in white stood upright at this time, and expressed sufficient respect and even respect for Zhu Peng in his words of praise.
And this relatively equal respect is enough for Zhu Peng. After all, facing a spokesperson for ghosts and immortals in the Netherworld, or even a spokesperson for the Shinto Ghost King in the Netherworld, he is willing to give this respect to someone who has just embarked on spiritual practice. As a small cultivator of the road, Zhu Peng is already satisfied and even proud.
“Senior, I’m here to check on the progress of my junior’s practice. If you want to stay in the secular world, the price you have to pay is quite high. After all, this world is still shrouded by the will of the great road (the doomsday cleansing of consciousness). If one person is not good, no one can afford to suffer. So, let’s just get straight to the point. Whatever the seniors say, as long as I can pay the price, I think Zhu Peng, my blood, can usually do it.”
/Although these words were an expression of strong self-confidence, they were somewhat arrogant, and even made the noble young man in white frown slightly, seeming to feel slightly displeased.
“The Sea of ??Divine Grace, the Prison of Divine Power. Say the word ‘price’ in front of the God, Zhu Peng, do you really want to be the king and hegemon in this low plane? There is nothing in this world that can control you? Be careful, God. The anger will burn your soul and consciousness for thousands of years to purify you of the sin of disrespect.”
Chapter 620: Changes between men and women, invisible assassination
While speaking, he released a terrifying coercion, and a faint gray-black aura spread out from the noble boy’s body. Just as he was about to press on Zhu Peng’s body, Zhu Peng’s body suddenly flashed a ferocious response with seven wings. Dragon shadow. Of course, with so many heads, it is natural that it is a mutated species, and in many planes, successful mutation means ferocity and power.
As soon as the seven demonic dragons came out, the gray-black aura on the noble boy’s body suddenly retracted. It was not that he was afraid of Zhu Peng’s half-hearted Shinto skills, but that he was afraid that his power would come into contact with the outside world. The power of the demon god will immediately arouse the vigilance and attack from the demon god from outside the territory.
But Zhu Peng seemed to understand very well what he was afraid of, so he controlled the seven demonic dragons to catch and bite the black-gray mist. This action frightened the noble-looking guy so much that his face turned pale again. After a few minutes, the gray and black aura around him was retracted several times, and his main body even moved, and Zhu Peng was directly forced to a corner of the monastery. Withdrawing all the divine power in his body, before he could get angry, he heard Zhu Peng’s arrogant and angry roar.
“I am the highest fucking high priest of the ‘Three-Eyed Priso