flames surrounded Zhu Peng’s blazing flight like a gift and instinct.

The surrounding space was distorted by the flames, and its unique effect of incinerating the true essence was pushed to the extreme. Within the radius, not to mention the purple-robed beauty who was hugged by Zhu Peng. The woman was the horse-faced monk who had already secretly gotten lucky and was preparing for a fatal blow. The condensed Qi in his body was also shattered by the Qi machine radiated by the Yin Flame and could no longer be gathered together.
“Kill his husband and take possession of his wife, seek wealth and live in his valley. It turns out that I have long had the desire to do this once in my heart.” Zhu Peng covered his cheeks and smiled crazily, but Zhu Peng’s left hand penetrated naturally Inside the corset of the beauty in her arms, she enjoys the touching beauty and tenderness in it.
“Thief, traitor! Kill me, kill me if you can.” Before the last word “I” could be uttered, a huge force hit his chest, knocking him away and flying backwards. , but the void was locked by the chain formed by the fierce purple fire, and he could only stand there and watch his wife being wantonly frivolous by the evil young man he attracted.
“It’s really noisy. The winner has everything, and the loser doesn’t even have his own life. Isn’t that how things are in the world? Over the thousands of years, have you done so many evil things and killed so many innocent people? ?”
While gently kissing the jade side of the woman’s neck, he said this comfortably. After living for thousands of years, which cultivator’s hands are not full of blood and blood? Even the most upright cultivator would not dare to say that his life is smooth and flawless. On the contrary, Zhu Peng, who has never regarded himself as a “good guy”, has been fighting for life and death from beginning to end in his life, but has never done a single evil thing in the subjective sense.
/This is something to boast about for a mortal, but for Zhu Peng, it is precisely because of this that his understanding of Zixiao Yinyan has never been able to enter a higher level, because his behavior is to fight against evil demons. The nature of flames is different.
/With such a clear understanding in his instinct, he took the opportunity to let the darkness and desire roar in his heart that had been suppressed for hundreds of years.
No matter whether he likes it or not, no one can deny that the dark desire opposite to the light and warmth is so powerful. At this moment, Zhu Peng allows the crazy and boiling desire to roar in the blood vessels of his body, but he feels more and more powerful and against evil. Yin Fire and Zi Xiao Yan are becoming more and more compatible.
Gradually, tasting and swallowing slowly could no longer satisfy Zhu Peng’s appetite. He gradually kissed the side of the beauty’s face. The tenderness and smoothness almost made him go crazy. I don’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that the beauty in his arms seemed to be the same as hers. My beloved Ling’er has so