the courtyard, I felt even more nervous.

the courtyard, I felt even more nervous.
There was an Audi, a Honda, a Santana and an old Volga parked at the entrance of the hall. The leader, definitely the leader, it is impossible for a police station to have so many cars.
Qiao Aijun was feeling uneasy when another police car drove in with its lights flashing.
Lao Lu, Mayor Jiao, Chairman Ma, Deputy Secretary Cui, Manager Wang of the Construction Station, Director Chen of the Building Materials Machinery Factory, and Director Wu of the Brick and Tile Factory Liangzhuang all came.
An old woman and two children confirmed that the old factory director was safe and sound, hugging them tightly and crying. Wang Yan and Gao Yali hurriedly stepped forward to persuade them.
Lao Lu pointed at the dejected Qiao Aijun and roared angrily: “Xiao Han, what’s going on? Why don’t you handcuff them? Little bastard, they are lawless. This is New China, not the old society. Even the old society is the same. There is a king’s law! He comes to Liangzhuang to kidnap people, just like a bandit, he runs away as soon as he is caught. What about the police? The police arrested me like Lu Huisheng. ”
A few months ago you asked me to go to Jiangcheng to kidnap people and come back to collect debts. What would you do? I don’t want to think that this is new China and not the old society.
The typical negative example of local protectionism swears that others engage in local protectionism, but even accuses others of being lawless themselves.
Han Bo was completely convinced by Lao Lu’s double standards. He winked at Chen Meng who had just gotten out of the car, and stepped forward to ask, “Secretary Lu, do you feel at ease when
I do things?” “Don’t worry, I feel most at ease when you do things.”
“Since you are confident in my work, can you not be so hasty? Let me go through the procedures, understand the situation, and then report
to you and the leaders.” This lawsuit can be fought, and it involves the public security agency of another province. You can catch their pigtails, but you can’t let them catch their pigtails. He was so angry just now that Lao Lu suddenly reacted, folded his arms and said, “Okay, you can follow whatever procedure you want, we won’t talk.” “Thank you,
Secretary Lu.”
Han Bo took a deep breath, turned around and ordered: ” Director Wang, go turn on all the outside lights. Chen Meng, check the equipment and prepare for filming. Xiao Gao, help me get the interview machine. Xiaohe, you are responsible for taking notes.” ”
Following his order, the courtyard All the lights were on.
Finding that the light was not very sufficient, Xiao Dan simply went to the storage room to put in the iodine tungsten lamp that he had borrowed last time and had not bothered to return. Coupled with the car headlights that were turned on, the police station compound was illuminated like daylight.
“Old factory director, I’m sorry, could you please go in with our back office comrade Wang Yan to make a transcript.”
/“Director Han, thank you, if it weren’t for yo