this case to investigate it again and sort it out again? Let’s see if we can find any clues about his social connections in Hong Kong.”

this case to investigate it again and sort it out again? Let’s see if we can find any clues about his social connections in Hong Kong.”
“Han Bureau, you are changing your concept.”
“You can’t care so much, otherwise they won’t take it seriously.”
Gu Sicheng was obviously here for him. , but told his colleagues in Hong Kong that it was possible to go to Hong Kong to collect stolen money. This was not a secret exchange concept, it was clearly a lie. Han Bo smiled awkwardly and patted the driver Qian Dahai on the shoulder: “Old Qian, at the intersection ahead. Let Lao Feng and I get off the bus. You and Zhu Zhi go back and have a rest early. Call us if anything happens.” ”
We’ll take a taxi. If we can’t find a hotel nearby, we can stay for one night. Don’t worry about it. Gu Sicheng won’t be able to find it here. In fact, I can’t. I hope he can find it here.”
Now that I have arrived in Shenzheng, of course I want to visit the family members of martyr Yang Yong.
The fewer people who know about their family’s affairs in Shenzheng, the better. Feng Chaoyang couldn’t explain it, so he could only chuckle and say: “Qian Bureau, nothing will happen. Besides, Han Bureau brought a gun, and I, Feng Chaoyang, am not a vegetarian.” of.”
It’s so mysterious, there must be something going on.
/It was hard for Qian Dahai to ask too many questions, and it was even harder for Qian Dahai to ask Zhu Qianli if he didn’t ask. The two of them could only let them get off the bus.
Just as Han Bo and Feng Chaoyang were walking to the Shenzhen Rest House of the Navy to visit the relatives of martyr Yang Yong, Vice Governor Hou Xiufeng, who was far away in the Northwest, also hurried home, preparing to accompany him from the East China Sea in the afternoon. daughter Hou Jingjing eats.
“Mom is not here either. I managed to stay up until the holidays to see you and cook for you. I knew I wouldn’t come.”
My daughter is a good cook and cooked a large table full of dishes.
Seeing this, Hou Xiufeng felt happy in his heart. He put down his bag and pinched his daughter’s ears. He couldn’t help but joked: “Young women are not allowed to stay in college. I don’t want to go home before I get married. If I really get married, I won’t.” I won’t go back to my parents’ home for a few years!”
“Young women are not allowed to stay in college, Dad, I will be angry if you say that again.”
Hou Jingjing made a face and said plausibly: “You are really born in a blessing and you don’t know how lucky you are to have a daughter like me. I will serve you and talk to you when you are old. If I really give birth to a son, you will suffer the consequences! Not only will you marry him a wife, but he will also eat your old age. You and mother’s retirement salary will be given to him on a monthly basis. Maybe it’s too little for him.”
“Yes, yes, it’s better to have a daughter. A daughter is the most caring.”
/Hou Xiufeng washed his hands and walked to the dining table. He couldn’t help but pick up the sandwich and take a bite first, and was abo