today. We spent three hundred and three hundred dollars this time!” Xie Mingfang whispered. He mumbled something and said.

today. We spent three hundred and three hundred dollars this time!” Xie Mingfang whispered. He mumbled something and said.
“Oh, a loss is a blessing! Don’t worry about so much in a day. You will earn the money you spent this time in less than a month after you start working, so why should you be dissatisfied?” Zeng Fanyou sighed and said to his wife My heart is tight and there is really no other way.
In terms of the arrangement of vacation time, Wang Bo is still very humane and the design is very flexible. This can be regarded as a supplement to the weekly exploitation of only giving employees two days of paid leave in January.
But after Tian Xin left, Zhang Xiaojun’s wife Jiang Mei came.
/Damn it, I’m serious, but these two are just kidding! Zhang Xiaojun, you are so funny!
“Sister Mei, didn’t you say you came here yesterday? I waited for you at the rice noodle shop all day and couldn’t see you.” ”
/Yeah, you waited for me all day, Bo’er? I’m sorry, sorry! I I planned to come yesterday, but Zhang Ke was sick and had diarrhea for a day, maybe because he ate too many popsicles! Yesterday, I took him to the People’s Hospital for a half-day transfusion. It was already afternoon when I got home, so I I’m sorry for not coming!” When Jiang Mei heard that Wang Bo had been waiting for her all day, she immediately felt a little guilty and apologized immediately!
It turned out that the devil Zhang Ke had diarrhea! Wang Bo thought to himself, suddenly enlightened. But he didn’t have the slightest fondness for that brat Zhang Ke, so he couldn’t feel any sympathy. But he still had to show his respect, so he asked with a kind face and a cold heart, pretending to be concerned:
“Oh, so Zhang Ke has diarrhea? Is he feeling better? Is it serious?”
Dragon gives birth to dragon, phoenix If a phoenix is ??born, the mouse’s son will be able to dig holes. This boy is born like his grandmother Xie Decui and the old man Zhang Xiaojun who have never come out of their shells (exactly the same). They hate the poor and love the rich, and they look down upon others! Wang Bo had a very bad impression of Jiang Mei’s son. He couldn’t understand how a well-educated woman like Jiang Mei could give birth to such a “monster” with upturned nostrils, a complete lack of politeness, and a better person than his old man. come out?
“Oh, I’m much better after the infusion. I don’t have diarrhea anymore.” Jiang Mei said with a smile.
“Don’t worry? That’s good. Sister Mei, come with me. I’ll go through the store check-in procedures for you first.” Wang Bo waved to Jiang Mei and led her to the flagship store next door. The flagship store has not yet opened due to the lack of cash registers and tables and benches. There is only a set of sample tables and benches that were sent from Chengdu last time along with the decoration materials, which can be used as a temporary office desk.
As Wang Bo turned on the lights in the store one by one, the entire lobby was suddenly brightly lit, as bright as day. The white ceiling, yellow walls, green ligh