ball performed their own duties, and anyone who did other people’s work would be criticized.

ball performed their own duties, and anyone who did other people’s work would be criticized.
But as basketball continues to develop, the position of point forward has begun to appear.
Because small forwards are tall enough, their vision is generally better, and coupled with their strong personal offensive abilities, passing is more threatening.
Then, there are combo guards like Iverson and Sun Hao, or scoring point guards.
The principle is similar to that of an organization forward. The difference is that defenders generally have greater scoring power than forwards and can contain greater defenses.
After that, he will be the future organizational center.
Because of their height, the center is the tallest and has the broadest field of vision.
Of course, that was what happened later. Sun Hao and Oden had only one purpose in talking about this.
/“So have you ever thought about losing weight?”
Sun Hao then asked.
“Losing weight will reduce my resistance.”
Oden replied. It was obvious that he had not thought about this issue, or that no one had ever mentioned this issue to him.
And his understanding is also normal. Centers in this era are trained according to the traditional center approach.
“Shaq is old, and there is no longer a dominant center in this league.”
Sun Hao continued.
In the development of basketball, whether there is a small ball era or not, traditional centers will gradually be eliminated by more flexible centers.
As the understanding of basketball increases, basketball coaches will target more and more.
As he said before, guards and forwards playing centers in mismatches were rare in the 1990s, but were extremely common in the 20th century.
Because coaches no longer blindly pursue tactical systems, but begin to pursue tactical efficiency.
As strong as O’Neal, he can’t defend himself even if he gains weight.
The mid-range pick-and-roll invented by Popovich to deal with O’Neal is also one of the Spurs’ regular tactics against the Lakers.
“Centers like Yao are the new trend in the league.”
Sun Hao then gave the best example.
Although, this example can be considered to be created by him in a sense.
But it turns out that after Yao Ming changed his style of play in the end, he was indeed more durable and better than those in history.
“Can becoming a center like Yao make me better?”
Oden asked.
“Greg, I can’t guarantee anything. I just say what I saw. Yao’s performance is very good, but now you are easily out of position on defense due to the problem of lateral movement speed, which leads to many unnecessary fouls. After too many fouls, you can’t defend.” You can’t stay on the court for a long time.”
/Just like when he first suggested to Yao Ming, Sun Hao didn’t say that Oden had to lose weight. He gave his own suggestion.
Although it is slightly different from the original suggestion to Yao Ming, because it has a strong tendency.
There is nothing that can be done about it, after all, Oden is now his teammate.
“I’m not sure.”
Auden did not give a defin