Li Gu took out a small package of goods from his pocket, checked it with his cell phone, put it in his pocket, and then searched the drug dealer like a police officer, from head to toe. A small package was found but no weapons were found.
“It’s not convenient to talk outside. Let’s get him in the car.”
“Be honest and get in.”
Li Gu regarded Yang Zhi’s off-road vehicle as his own car. He climbed into the passenger seat carelessly, held the back of the seat and asked, “What’s your name?” ?”
The drug dealer was in his twenties, depressed and silent.
“If you don’t tell me, I’ll take you to the police station.”
“You, you’re not a policeman.”
The urban accent turned out to be a local.
Li Gu took out two small packets of powder and waved it in front of his eyes: “It seems that you don’t come to Rolling Stone very often. I wonder whose territory this is. You sell this in Rolling Stone. Have you ever said hello to me? Open your eyes and take a look. Go out and ask.” Asking, is this a place where you can come and sell if you want?”
The drug dealer was confused, but Yang Zhi figured it out.
This area is Brother Li’s territory. It is very wrong to sell white powder on Brother Li’s territory without saying hello to Brother Li or paying protection fees to Brother Li. It breaks the rules on the road. He is just a consumer and has nothing to do with consumers. His uneasy heart finally subsided.
“What do you want?” the drug dealer asked cautiously. Looking at his depressed mental state, it was obvious that he was also a “drug kid”.
“What do I want? I want to know what you really want!”
Li Gu slapped his head and said harshly: “I hate you guys who sell powder and ecstasy the most. You have hurt me a lot.” Brother, this brother wants to quit, but the other brothers couldn’t get out within five or six years, and they dare to sell on my land. Do you want to die?”
“Brother, I was wrong, I don’t understand the rules. This time I dare not.” The drug dealer was afraid of being sent to the police station. He wanted to return the money to Yang Zhi, but his hands were tightly held by two security guards and he could not move. He was trembling with fear.
It’s easy to send him to the police station, but the key is that his identity will be exposed, not to mention the big fish he needs to catch next.
Li Gu returned a bag of powder to Yang Zhi, put the other bag into his pocket, and asked coldly: “It’s easy for me to let you go. Tell me who gave you the goods and who asked you to come and sell them.” ”
Bought it, brother, I just want to make a little money, no one asked me to come over and sell it.”
/“Who cares who bought it?”
The drug dealer said nothing. He had his ID card, and “Han Chong” wanted to find him It shouldn’t be difficult to buy it from somewhere. Li Gu didn’t want to waste time and patted him on the head again: “If you don’t want to say forget it, give the person who sold you the goods a message. You are not allowed to come to Rolling Stone to do this again, and you are not allowed to