at she is a good person. You are really lucky to meet a leader like him.”

at she is a good person. You are really lucky to meet a leader like him.”
“Yes, our whole family I’m all very grateful to him.”
“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s talk about work. Your squadron will be staffed soon. When do you plan to take action? Director Liu talked to me the day before yesterday. The branch should be prepared. After all, as soon as you leave the branch, you will be ready. There are several people missing.”
/The anti-trafficking squadron is affiliated to the Criminal Police Brigade. Considering the tight police force in Liangzhuang Branch, it is temporarily under the jurisdiction of the branch. It will fight against trafficking when there is an incident and assist the branch in maintaining security in the area under its jurisdiction.
I have been busy studying the case and asking anti-trafficking colleagues from various provinces to help investigate the whereabouts of the suspects, but I have never bothered to report to the instructor and Director Liu.
Wang Yan was embarrassed by the question and said hurriedly: “Instructor, I have gained a lot from this trip to Xichuan. The anti-trafficking office of the ministry held a collaboration meeting. I got to know many colleagues who are professional in anti-trafficking. The collaborative investigation work has made great progress. As of yesterday afternoon , we have basically figured out the identities and whereabouts of six suspects, and the Xin’an Anti-Human Trafficking Squadron has figured out four. Director Zhu asked our two families to cooperate closely and set out next Monday to arrest the ten suspects we have already grasped.”
“Ten. Suspect, there are about ten people in your two squadrons combined, and there are not enough manpower.”
“Instructor, can the branch arrange some joint defense team members for us. If there is nothing we can do, I will report to the bureau and the management bureau will lend us some people.”
The anti-trafficking squadron belongs to the county bureau in name, but in fact it is subject to the provincial anti-trafficking department and must be supported.
/Chen Xingguo calculated for a while, raised his head and said: “Six suspects, I will assign six joint defense team members to mainly assist you in escorting them. Arresting is not rescuing. There must be two official police officers. If there are six policemen missing, please contact the bureau.” Arrangement, no one from the branch can be transferred.”
“Instructor, I can go, I have dealt with traffickers, and I have carried out arrest missions out of the province.” Xiao Ren suddenly raised his hand, with a cheerful look on his face.
Chen Xingguo shook his head and said in a tone that left no room for doubt: “Your captain hasn’t come back yet, and there are only two criminal policemen left in the branch. If you follow, there will only be one left. What can one person do when encountering a major case?” ?”
“Xiao Ren, the instructor is right, you can’t come with us.”
Just as he was talking, Chen Meng walked in and asked curiously: “Instr