me over holding Lu Jian’s hand had already been defined as a hungry man by Miao Qingyan!

me over holding Lu Jian’s hand had already been defined as a hungry man by Miao Qingyan!
Lu Jian blushed at Miao Qingyan’s unbridled words. When he heard words such as “Take off your clothes” and “The Overlord forced his bow”, he had completely lost his ability to think. In front of Wen Liang, he could not figure it out. The face of this strange man made him want to find a hole in the ground and crawl into it.
This seems to be one of Miao Qingyan’s qualities. She can express things that are originally very reasonable in a way that leaves people speechless, so that the listeners only remember those words and ignore the essence behind the words.
Miao Qingyan saw Lu Chan lowering his head and a light blush on his white neck, but she didn’t say anything. She really hated that iron can’t be transformed into steel. She was about to continue typing a few words, but was interrupted by Wen Liang with a smile. “Okay, classmate Lu is a hundred times smarter than you, an idiot. I don’t need you to tell me where to go. Taxi, this way!”
The taxi stopped on the side of the road. Wen Liang opened the door and said, “No. It’s early, let’s go back to school first, lest that Lu Ye comes back to pester us.”
Lu Yan glanced at Wen Liang, as if he wanted to say something, and opened his mouth, but finally flashed a lonely look, waved and said goodbye. , get in the car and leave.
Watching Lu Zhan leave in the car, Miao Qingyan couldn’t help complaining: “You must have a way to persuade her, right? Even I can see that the bad reporter has ill intentions towards her, how can you just watch Lu A sheep caught in a tiger’s mouth?”
/“First of all, let me correct you. I have no prejudice against Reporter Lu. It’s just a meal. How can I tell whether the other party is good or bad? Besides, as long as Lu Jian disagrees, he doesn’t have that. If you have the guts, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“Bah, bah, bah!” Miao Qingyan covered her ears and shouted, “Don’t say such dirty words to me!”
Wen Liang suddenly became bitter. Damn it, is it true that a woman teasing a man is called a romantic, and a man teasing a woman is a gangster? Didn’t you say it first, that nonsense about an overlord forcing his hand on someone?
Miao Qingyan suddenly noticed something, put down her hands and widened her eyes, saying, “How do you know he doesn’t have the guts to force the bow?”
/Wen Liang’s mouth was no longer bitter, but his stomach was filled with bile. He felt helpless and said helplessly: “Because I specifically tested Lu Chan’s courage when I took him away just now. As a result, this arrogant reporter didn’t even say a word about the situation, let alone rushing to take action. Such a thing, Except for those women who have ulterior motives and are willing to go to bed with him, I’m afraid he won’t even be able to open the woman’s legs if he uses force.” ”
Bah, bah, bah!” Miao Qingyan didn’t cover her ears this time, but instead hit her in a sly way. Wen Liang looked over his shoulder and said, “You are quite experienced. How many girls