at Wen Liang said, Li Shengli also sensed something was wrong and said, “You mean there is someone behind the scenes?”

at Wen Liang said, Li Shengli also sensed something was wrong and said, “You mean there is someone behind the scenes?”
“If there is someone, just go and have a look!”
/When they arrived at the Xijiao Factory, they saw in front of them Rows of neat and beautiful buildings made Wen Liang sigh. A month and a half ago, this place was still a desolate land, overgrown with withered grass and devastated. But with manpower and machinery, it is possible to create anything.
Entering the engineering headquarters, there was a large group of people sitting in the dark room. Si Yajing sat behind the only table in the back, holding a pen in her hand and carefully recording everyone’s speeches. Her long hair, which was always shawl-like, was tied up in a bun on the back of her head. Her eyebrows were slightly curved toward her temples. She also chose a transparent and crystal-clear lip gloss, which just right covered her charming red lips. She was dressed in black. Zi’s ??coat is dignified and solemn. After these detailed changes, the whole person looks less weak and more capable.
The person who was speaking at this time was a man with a full beard. He said unceremoniously: “Mr. Si, don’t talk about the yes or no. Whether you agree to our conditions or not, please give us an accurate answer!”
“Lao Hu, I understand your feelings very well, but you require each household to be compensated five hundred yuan. There are more than 800 households in Guanyin Village with more than 4,000 people, totaling more than 400,000 yuan. This amount is too large, and I am not qualified to do so. I made the decision, but secondly I thought the company would not agree to it at all. For your sake, I’d better lower the figure and come up with a reasonable figure so we can continue the discussion!” “You have no right to
pretend to be a big-tailed wolf, five people and six people can sit together. Talking to us here, it turns out there’s no point in talking about it!” A young man with big eyes behind a beard stood up immediately, pointed at Si Yajing and said in a dirty mouth: “I told you earlier, mother. No matter how beautiful we are, they are still girls. At first glance, they are the products kept by the big boss. Their bodies are useful, but their fucking words are useless, don’t you think?” The room burst into laughter.
/As the saying goes, drinking makes people cowardly. This house The people inside were randomly pulled out alone, and they may not have the courage to stare at other beautiful women on the street, but with the strength of the crowd, they all became nervous.
Wen Liang and Li Shengli stood at the end of the crowd. No one noticed that there were two more people in the room. Hearing Big Eyes speak so harshly, Li Shengli became angry. Just as he was about to separate from the crowd and go in, Wen Liang grabbed his hand. He shook his head slightly.
Si Yajing was humiliated, and he felt sorry for Si Yajing more than anyone else. But since he has embarked on the road of shopping malls, he must come into contact with all kind