g the report in silence, Ren Yi lay down in Wen Liang’s ear and whispered: “My dad already said that this is a natural disaster and a man-made disaster, and it was even blown around on TV, how shameless! “

At this time, the overwhelming and continuous heavy rain finally stopped, the long-lost blue sky showed a bright smile, and post-disaster reconstruction work in various places was also carried out smoothly and orderly. Everything seemed to be gradually returning to the way it was before, or better than before. better.
When the pain passes and the haze dissipates, people only know a heavy rain and a disaster. But no one knows that behind the heavy rain and disaster, there was a young man who, with one person’s power, abruptly reversed the destined situation. It saved many people’s lives and saved many people’s careers.
/On December 27, primary and secondary schools in the city reopened. As a good student, Wen Liang couldn’t be late. He crooked his legs and entered the school gate early in the morning. As soon as he passed the office building, he was caught by Ning Xiaoning, who was guarding the path. Upright. Coach Ning was wearing a sky blue down jacket, with his hands in the pockets of his jeans, leaning against the railing beside the trail. His long hair was tied into a ponytail, and his tall figure stood out from the crowd. He didn’t say anything when he saw Wen Liang. A cold look came over Shan Dan, and poor Uncle Wen immediately came over obediently.
“Good morning, coach. It’s such a cold day. Why bother you to come and greet me? I’m ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed of myself!”
Ning Xiaoning had no way to deal with this scoundrel. She rolled her eyes at him and said : “Come with me!”
The two of them went to the basketball court next to the playground one after another. There was still shallow water on the ground. After witnessing the thrilling nights in the past, Ning Xiaoning turned her back to Wen Liang and suddenly “Xu Yao is crying!”
Wen Liang was taken aback and asked, “What’s wrong with her?”
Ning Xiaoning turned around sharply, stared into Wen Liang’s eyes, and said, “What’s wrong with her? You can only ask now What’s wrong with her? Is she good or not? Ask yourself, why is it always the last one to know?”
/Wen Liang was silent for a moment and whispered: “What’s wrong with her?”
I don’t know when, the cool figure in white clothes appeared. Like jade, the girl who seems to always have a bright smile begins to gradually move away from the innocence of the flower season. Like all girls who enter the rainy season at the age of seventeen, they experience the heart-wrenching sweetness and joy alone in the ignorant season of first love. sad. Just like what is sung in that song, what kind of mood, what kind of age, what kind of joy, what kind of crying, this is what every young man and woman has loved, chased, expected, and been sad. The past events of youth that we must experience. Maybe in the distant future, you and I will go our separate ways, or be thousands of miles apart, or