e, Wen Liang thanked with a smile, but what he was thinking about was Tang Ye. If it weren’t for her this time, maybe this subtitle wouldn’t be so easy to go.

e, Wen Liang thanked with a smile, but what he was thinking about was Tang Ye. If it weren’t for her this time, maybe this subtitle wouldn’t be so easy to go.
/Dingsheng Industrial’s act of providing help at a critical moment naturally did not escape the eyes of the media. After several media reports, the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government specially announced the award. Wen Liang recruited Ye Zhiwei back this time for this very reason. After some secret operations, and with Wen Huaiming’s recommendation, Xu Fuyan took time out of his busy schedule to meet with Ye Zhiwei, the general manager of Dingsheng Industrial.
Ye Zhiwei was dressed in a gray Mao suit, behaved in a measured manner, and spoke respectfully, which gave Xu Fuyan a good initial impression of him. After a conversation, Xu Fuyan highly praised him and his company for their selfless contributions to the people of Qingzhou, and expressed his personal willingness to welcome Dingsheng to vigorously develop in Qingzhou.
This is great good news for any company. Ye Zhiwei was grateful and proposed to further support the post-disaster reconstruction work in Yishan. He planned to invest 500 million to build a five-star hotel locally and solemnly promised that the hotel would The bidding and recruitment will give priority to local people, but it only needs some policy support from the city and county governments.
This was Wen Liang’s intention. It was just the right time to choose this moment to make a request to Xu Fuyan. Whether it is in the name of post-disaster reconstruction or investment promotion, Wen Liang is certain that Xu Fuyan will not refuse.
Firstly, economic development is the top priority at the moment; secondly, heavy rains have severely damaged Yishan’s infrastructure; thirdly, an investment of 500 million will have a great impact on local people’s livelihood. In the long run, this project will greatly promote the development of Yishan in the next ten years, and can use it as a starting point to radiate to surrounding districts and counties, thus driving the development of the entire county economy.
Xu Fuyan immediately made the decision, and Wen Huaiming was responsible for coordinating the negotiations between Dingsheng and Yishan County Party Committee and County Government, striving to reach agreement as soon as possible. At the same time, he explicitly ordered all municipal departments to give the green light all the way, actively cooperate, and not cause difficulties and delays.
After obtaining Shang Fang’s sword, Ye Zhiwei immediately rushed to Yishan. Yang Yixing and Yang Dingjun were originally from Wen Liang’s side. The secretary and county magistrate had the same tone, and with the guidance of the municipal party committee, the opposition was quickly suppressed and passed at the Standing Committee. The decision to attract investment was determined to be the responsibility of County Magistrate Yang Dingjun, and cooperation negotiations with Dingsheng were officially started.
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