r of course. The family’s power has grown too fast, giving him an unreal illusion.

r of course. The family’s power has grown too fast, giving him an unreal illusion.
Part of the reason why Han Xuan is eyeing Time Warner Group is because he is interested in the film library copyright of Warner Bros. Pictures and the music copyright of Time Music. These two parts can be converted into a steady stream of huge amounts of money through the Internet in the future. profit.
The top several major media groups in the United States, including Viacom, News Corporation and other companies, are almost all adopting a similar development model: TV stations, newspapers and magazines, plus one or several large film companies, controlling everything from shooting to broadcasting. The entire good industry chain has had a huge influence.
/Han Xuan also tried to form an emerging media group through ABC TV station and Grandpa’s industry. However, the market has been almost controlled by the old media groups, and it is difficult to have major development. It will take a long time to follow. They grab market share.
At this time, he told his grandfather with a smile: “I am not a god. How can I predict which companies will rise? However, when a company develops, there are reasons to promote its development. At that time, I considered that with the rise of computer technology, , movie special effects will become more and more realistic, and the world depicted in comics can be truly moved to the big screen through computer special effects, which is why you acquire Marvel and Pixar Animation Studios. Compared with traditional animation , it is also more real. In addition, after the economic crisis in the 1980s, there were signs of recovery in the 1990s. The cultural and entertainment industry is bound to develop with economic development. I am doing this business and value the prospects of a certain industry. But dive in.”
“In other words, do you think Time Warner Group has great potential this time?” Guo Muzhou made tea again, said this with a smile, and filled the small cup in front of Anya with Pu’er tea.
At first glance, he looks like a veteran who is proficient in tea ceremony. In the origin of Pu’er tea, due to the high altitude, water will boil when it is heated to about 87 degrees Celsius, so the locals use this 80-plus degree water to make Pu’er tea. Pour it out and let it cool for a while before drinking.
This practice was retained by Han Xuan’s grandfather. He would cool the boiled spring water for a while before starting to make tea. The spring water comes from the Palm Springs area of ??California. The groundwater is rich in minerals and has a slightly sweet taste.
Han Xuan replied: “The news industry will definitely advance again with the Internet industry, and its influence will be reduced by the emerging online media industry. However, other departments are quite worthy of investment. It is more profitable to invest so much money in other places, but the influence is not good for my family.” It’s more important. Is it settled? Will you help me manage the film industry then?” “Let’s
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