ed in front of him about drinking some Lafite, he could easily say:

ed in front of him about drinking some Lafite, he could easily say:
/“Well, I also drank that Lafite by accident.” I had a glass of wine, but it was at Chateau Lafite. The current ‘owner’ of the winery personally poured it for me from a goblet. As for the year of the wine, if I remember correctly, it seems to be 1982. ”
Of course, Even if he installs a pen, he can only install it so far. “Lafite? Isn’t that the wine from the winery I bought last time? If you like it, I will give you an oak barrel some other time.” This kind of nonsense can’t be pretended. Even if he has the financial resources in the future, as a French culture and Chateau Lafite and Chateau Lafite, one of the historical symbols and inheritances, will not be sold. Just like the Chinese will not sell Moutai to foreigners.
Having visited the world’s top wineries, the second-class winery Chateau Pichon in the afternoon was not so fascinating, and it also lost some mysterious freshness. The three of them still followed the tour group and walked around for a while. Finally, they toasted with the free red wine that the host used to entertain guests, wishing the host a prosperous business and abundant wealth, and ended the afternoon tour.
Seeing that it was still early, Xia Xue told Wang Bo that there was a small seaside town nearby, about an hour’s drive away, and asked Wang Bo if he was interested.
Wang Bo looked at Xia Xue’s expectant look and thought, if it hadn’t been for the romantic love affair with you last night, I would have gone if I wanted to, and if I didn’t want to go, I would have gone.
Now, I have to go even if I don’t want to.
So, Wang Bo waved his hand and asked the two of them to just lead the way.
This seaside town is called Arcachon, and it takes less than an hour to get there along a scenic road.
“Ah, it’s so beautiful! The sea! And the forest.” Xia Xue’s cheers rang out in the car. Wang Bo took a closer look and saw that in front of him was a pure beach and a vast expanse of blue sea; on the right, there was a dense forest, which was dyed red by autumn colors, like pieces of burning fire; and on the left, there was an ancient The small town has ancient castles and ancient fortifications. For a moment, Wang Bo felt as if he had traveled to the Western Middle Ages.
/Wang Bo asked Chen Ziyang to drive the car to the end of the road. The three of them got out of the car and walked towards the beach in front of them. Before he had even taken two steps, he saw Xia Xue, who had run to the front, taking off her shoes and socks. She rolled up her trouser legs, held up her shoes, and ran with her bare white feet towards the place where the beach and the sea met in front.
“Xia Xue, be careful, pay attention to the waves!” Wang Bo, who was walking behind, made a trumpet with his hands and shouted at the girl. Then he said to Chen Ziyang next to him, “Xiao Chen, you young people have quick legs and feet. Hurry up and watch. Xiaoxia!”
“Okay, Mr. Wang.” Chen Ziyang quickly started to take off his shoes. After taking them off,