as anyone informed the teacher?” Wang Bo asked again.

as anyone informed the teacher?” Wang Bo asked again.
“We didn’t see who Wei Shousong and the others called before we came to you, but now we don’t know if they called.” Zhang Xinyue said.
Hearing what Zhang Xinyue said, Wang Bo immediately took out his cell phone and was about to call Wei Shousong, telling him not to notify the grade counselor or even Huang Liang’s parents yet, and not to make the matter a big deal until he came over to see the situation.
However, as soon as he took his cell phone out of his trouser pocket, it rang.
The call was from Wei Shousong.
“Hey, Old Wei, how are you doing now? Is the injury on Liang Shuai’s face serious?” Wang Bo asked.
“It’s a bit serious! Yun Liang bit him and bit him, and chunks of his flesh came off. The doctor has given him anesthesia and tetanus, and done preliminary treatment. He also said that Liang Shuai’s face is probably going to be disfigured.” Wei Shousong.
“Disfigured?” Wang Bo was shocked, “Is it that serious? Did you really bite off the flesh? What about the flesh? It should be repaired, right? Just sew a few stitches, apply some medicine, and wait for the wound to heal before doing a cosmetic surgery. “It shouldn’t be a serious problem, right?” Wang Bo asked several questions in a row. He didn’t know much about medicine, so he could only tell nonsense.
“Anyway, that’s what the school doctor said. The meat was really bitten off, and we all saw it. As for the condition of the meat, Yun Liang bit it several times and it turned into a mess of rotten meat and was spit out. How could it be used anymore? Up?” Wei Shousong said.
“Tu Yunliang, Tu Yunliang, why is he so confused? Let’s fight. Why did he bite Liangshuai? By the way, how did it happen? Didn’t you hold them back?” Wang Bo sighed and said to Tu Yunliang was furious.
/“Brother Bo, it happened too suddenly, and Yun Liang’s actions were too fast and too cruel. By the time we found out, Liang Shuai was already crying and screaming.” When Wang Bo asked about the cause of the incident, Wei Shousong said Wang Bo told the whole story, and as expected, it was all the fault of women. Wang Bo immediately stamped his feet and said angrily: “It’s just a woman, and you may not be able to get it, so what?”
Wang Bo said this, Next to her, Zheng Xiao, who was in the same dormitory as Wen Xiaohan, had a frozen expression on the spot, a little embarrassed.
“Yes!” Wei Shousong also sighed.
“By the way, Lao Wei, you didn’t notify Xie Jia or Huang Liang’s parents, did you?”
“Brother Bo, I called you just to tell you this. On the way to the infirmary, Liangshuai asked for my phone number. I made three calls in a row, not only telling the counselor and his parents, but also directly calling 110 to report the police!”
/“What? Huang Liang called the police?” Wang Bo was surprised.
“Yeah! Let’s just say that he was bitten by a classmate in a frenzy. His face was completely bitten, and he is now seriously injured.” Wei Shousong said.
Wang Bo was stunned and thought to himself, Huang Liang obviously didn