oya, do you think Uncle Liang doubts our relationship? Has he asked about me recently?” “Not much

oya, do you think Uncle Liang doubts our relationship? Has he asked about me recently?” “Not much
?” Liang Liang Ya raised her eyebrows and fell into deep thought, “However, the night before yesterday, I asked you about your current situation and asked me if you and I were close.” “Did you
/reveal your secrets?”
“No!” Liang Ya shook her head. , “My dad doesn’t agree with us being friends now, how could I be careless?”
“That’s weird!” Wang Bo squinted his eyes, thoughtfully, always feeling that he saw Liang Jingquan at the back door of the school the night before yesterday , when he walked up to say hello, Liang Jingquan looked at him and there was something wrong.
“Well, it’s probably because this guy is lonely and empty because his wife is not here, so he can find any reason to pick up his daughter to pass the time. Since Liang Jingquan hasn’t discovered the relationship between me and Xiaoya, then it’s no big deal, it’s nothing I’m so worried. It’s just that I can’t go home with Xiaoya after evening self-study in the evening, and then get into a lonely corner and fall in love with each other. This is a bit regretful!” Wang Bo shook his head and stopped thinking about this. An episode that made him somewhat regretful.
, fully booked, fully booked, support me with firepower, exciting and exciting coming in two days. When they arrived
at the Xinhua Bookstore located on Yingfeng Road near the Telecom Building, as soon as they entered the door, the two of them were surprised, seeing that it was usually crowded. , Xinhua Bookstore, which was not very popular, was now bustling with people coming and going.
Wang Bo glanced around and saw that most of the people in the huge bookstore were students from Sifang Middle School. However, at this moment, the students’ faces looked disappointed.
“What, “The Wandering Earth” is gone? It sold out so quickly? Why don’t you buy more copies?” While looking around, Wang Bo heard a short-haired girl with the school emblem of No. 4 Middle School on her chest and wearing the uniform of No. 4 Middle School. Chong questioned a female salesperson at Xinhua Bookstore.
“We didn’t know that “The Wandering Earth” would sell so well!” The female salesperson spread her hands with a look of helplessness on her face, “Classmate, come back in two days, ah? Our manager has already called the provincial company and asked him to They will quickly send out another 500 copies of “The Wandering Earth” and they will arrive in two days at most. Come back the day after tomorrow, huh? Anyone who wants to buy “The Wandering Earth” should come back in two days!” The female salesperson walked towards the bookstore again. The other customers who kept pouring in shouted loudly. She has shouted these words no less than twenty times today!
“Really! They are just a bunch of idiots! Brother Zian is so famous, I don’t know how many more books he can buy! Come on, Xiaoxi, let’s go to Xingxing Bookstore, maybe there is one in Xingxing Bookstore.” The short-haired girl muttered dissatisfied, He grabbed