t, he suddenly asked the bearded sailor: “Captain Danas, how long will it take for us to dock.”

t, he suddenly asked the bearded sailor: “Captain Danas, how long will it take for us to dock.”
Danas was stunned for a moment and looked at it. Zhang Lisheng, who was beside him, saw that although he was in ragged clothes and had a haggard face, his demeanor was definitely not that of an ordinary sailor, so he replied in a tone that was neither enthusiastic nor cold, “I don’t know about this ship yet. How’s the speed? Sir, but for ordinary sea ships, we can dock early tomorrow morning.”
“Thank you, it seems that there is enough time.” Zhang Lisheng showed a strange smile on his face, thanked him, and left the inexplicable agent. Captain, strolled out of the wheelhouse.
/As soon as he got on the deck, he suddenly saw that a dozen sailors on the ship who had not participated in the riot were nailing several smooth wooden boards to the side of the wooden ship with thick iron nails with trembling hands.
Next to them, seventy or eighty rioting sailors with bloodstained heads and arms tied from behind by thin but strong leather ropes were looking at the large wooden planks stretched out across the side of the ship with pale faces, teeth chattering, and they were in pain. Struggling.
A rioting sailor accidentally saw Zhang Lisheng appearing on the deck, and suddenly shouted incoherently like crazy: “It’s you, it’s all you. Even if I can have fun with Miss Helena’s maids, my death is worth it.” It’s all because of you. I’m going to die in vain, I’m going to die in vain…” ”
As your friend and brother who has been praying in the same temple since childhood, , at such a special moment, I am very willing to act as an ‘aider’ to carry out your sentence.”
Chapter 429 ‘Sea Punishment’
Stay in Anne When Tower, Helena, the young master of the Downton family and other nobles saw a rioting sailor going crazy, they didn’t care who he was targeting. They swung the whip and accurately wrapped it around his neck, causing his face to turn purple. , his tongue stretched out and drooped to his chin, and then he withdrew the whip.
“These rioters are really crazy.” Seeing this scene, the tall and mighty young master of the Downton family looked at Anita and said, “Dear Anita, they are all sailors of your family. Since you have decided to use the ancient sea The law’ handles this riot, just declare it quickly.
Van der Sar’s urging made Anita’s face become a little stiff. Although he is the heir of a noble and wealthy merchant family, he is very concerned about the ancient and cruel ‘Law of the Sea’, including procedures. They were all very familiar with each other, and he was full of hatred for the dozens of rioting sailors who almost insulted his compatriot sister. But when it came to the trial and execution, the teenage boy couldn’t help but cringe. But the scene
at this time But he no longer allowed him to hesitate. Hanino, who was responsible for the education of young people, whispered anxiously beside him: “Don’t be afraid, my child. Since you chose to punish the riots with the ‘Law of the Sea’, then today you are ‘J