the door, the two rode along the east direction of the city. Zhong Jiahui’s home is in the east of the city, close to a family area of ????Jinqiao Hotel.

the door, the two rode along the east direction of the city. Zhong Jiahui’s home is in the east of the city, close to a family area of ????Jinqiao Hotel.
The two walked side by side, chatting as they walked. Considering that he was going to the other party’s home for dinner, Wang Bo deliberately inquired about some of the other party’s family situation. When asked by her “savior”, Zhong Jiahui did not hide anything and told Wang Bo her parents’ names, workplace and other family information one by one. From this, Wang Bo learned that Zhong Jiahui’s father Zhong Zhengjiang and mother Wu Caixia were both formal workers in the brewery. His father was the workshop director of a workshop in the brewery, and his mother was an accountant in the factory. The house where the family lives is also a staff family building built with funds raised by the brewery.
“Wang Bo is here! Come in and sit down! Jiahui, hurry up and make Wang Bo a cup of tea. I’ll fry two more vegetables. Once they’re done, you can eat.” Wu Caixia, who was wearing an apron, opened the door for the two of them with a smile. He also asked his daughter to make tea for him, with a very enthusiastic attitude.
As soon as Wu Caixia finished speaking, a powerful voice came from the kitchen: “Jiahui, don’t go into the house yet. Ask your mother to give you some money. Go to the canteen at the door and come back with four or five bottles of beer. Today In the evening, I want to have a drink with Wang Bo.”
“Then should I make tea first or buy beer?” Zhong Jiahui stamped her foot and said to Wu Caixia coquettishly.
“You’d better buy beer first. I’ll make tea for Wang Bo.” After saying that, Wu Caixia started to take out the money, took out a ten-yuan note, and handed it to her daughter.
Only then did Wang Bo get the chance to talk and hurriedly said: “Wu Niang, you’re welcome. There’s no need to make tea. We’re going to eat soon. Uncle Zhong wants to buy beer, right? Then I’ll buy beer with Jiahui first and then come back. Four If there are five bottles, Jiahui won’t be able to take it alone. Come on, Jiahui, let’s get the beer.” Wang Bo pulled Zhong Jiahui.
“Haha, I want it! Then why don’t you bring some beer!” Wu Caixia said cheerfully.
/Zhong Jiahui and Wang Bo went downstairs to buy beer. Wu Caixia returned to the kitchen and said to her husband Zhong Zhengjiang, who was cooking pig ears in a basin: “Wang Bo is so sensible. He took the initiative to carry the beer for Jiahui.”
“You are so stupid.” Don’t you understand? I’m not sensible, I’m afraid of being embarrassed by being alone in the room, and I don’t have anything to say to you and me. Walking with Jiahui, two people of the same age also have something to say.” Zhong Zhengjiang explain.
“That’s right! However, I still think Wang Bo’s doll is more sensible and polite. You haven’t seen that our minister’s doll has eyes completely on its forehead. Last time, the baby went to the factory to ask his mother for something. “Qian, his mother called her son to greet us, but Guidouzi (a disparag