efly, it was extremely clear and kept wandering around in her mind, making her feel uneasy.

efly, it was extremely clear and kept wandering around in her mind, making her feel uneasy.
But she was an adult after all, and she was Wang Bo’s teacher. Although her heartbeat still hadn’t completely calmed down, most of the rosiness on her face had disappeared. Tang Suzhen glanced at the brand-new Wang Bo: he was wearing a navy blue fitted suit with a brown round-neck sweater underneath. The snow-white shirt collar and sleeves poked out from the collar and cuffs, adding a kind of maturity and stability to the other person that he didn’t usually have. . Tang Suzhen nodded with satisfaction and appreciation. Suddenly she remembered something and said, “Wait for me.” After saying that, she turned and returned to her room.
Ten seconds later, Tang Suzhen came back, stood in front of Wang Bo, and pinned a small rectangular bronze medal with “Sifang Middle School” written in red on a white background on Wang Bo’s left chest. He took out a wooden comb from his pocket, raised his head and combed Wang Bo’s head. Tang Suzhen took two steps back, looked up and down at Wang Bo, who was in a suit and leather suit, and nodded with a smile, saying, “That’s it.”
The one stuck on Wang Bo’s chest was naturally the school badge of Sifang Middle School. Wang Bo didn’t expect that Tang Suzhen would even think of this. He felt grateful and subconsciously stretched out his hand to make the character “eight” and put it on his chin. He smiled and said, “How handsome, Teacher Tang?” “So
handsome!” Tang Suzhen said to Wang Boqiao. He raised his thumb and said a popular saying among students.
After breakfast, the two walked to Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School, where the semi-finals were held, to see the examination room. The examination room for this rematch was arranged by the organizer in a place called “Jingxin Building”. When Wang Bo and Tang Suzhen arrived in front of Jingxin Building, they found that there were already many candidates, as well as parents and teachers accompanying the candidates. Wang Bo took a glance and found that many candidates were dressed casually, wearing jackets, down jackets, jeans, sneakers, etc., but it was rare to see people wearing suits and ties like him. As for the one with a school badge pinned to his suit, he was almost the only one, so when he arrived, many students and parents glanced at him. Those who were close could clearly see the words “Sifang Middle School” on his school badge, and immediately started chattering and whispering to the people around him, obviously understanding who the visitor was.
“Sifang Middle School? Have you heard of it?”
“Haha, I’ve never heard of it! I’ve heard of it in Beijing No. 4 Middle School!” ”
Some people were talking in low voices, pointing at Wang Bo, who was in “fancy clothes.” Their expressions and eyes ranged from curiosity to indifference to contempt and contempt.
“Wang Bo, how about you take the school badge?” Tang Suzhen obviously also found that Wang Bo’s clothes seemed too “Zhou Wu Zheng Wang”, and the school badge she pinned on his