to go to school tomorrow. I won’t disturb your rest.” Dong Zhen said again.

to go to school tomorrow. I won’t disturb your rest.” Dong Zhen said again.
“Don’t say that, Sister Zhen. Where are you interrupting? Besides, you know that I have good grades, so it doesn’t matter to me that I am late for one or two classes.” Wang Bo made a joke.
These words made Dong Zhen smile. “I forgot that you are still a top student among top students. In this case, then you can chat with me all night long.” Dong Zhen stared at Wang Bo’s face and joked.
“Okay! I’ll stay up all night. As long as Sister Zhen is so elegant, I will accompany her to the end!” Wang Bo looked at the other party without showing any signs of weakness.
Their eyes met in the air, neither of them willing to give way. At first, it seemed that it was just to see who could hold on longer and lose first. However, Wang Bo soon felt that the atmosphere around him had changed. The air seemed to become solemn and stagnant all of a sudden. Wang Bo wanted to turn his head or close his eyes, but there was something in his heart that prevented him from completing the above action. He believed that Dong Zhen opposite him felt the same way. It seemed that everything was fine, smooth and natural before this time; suddenly at a certain moment, the atmosphere, the air, even the temperature, and the smell in the air suddenly changed.
In Wang Bo’s sight, Dong Zhen, who was less than twenty centimeters away from him, was staring at him without blinking. The other party’s face was fresh and clean, and there was obvious moisture and moisture on it because of crying just now. A few light freckles on the bridge of the nose are also clearly visible. His lips were pursed slightly, revealing a subtle but firm meaning. Sometimes the nose is quiet and motionless, and sometimes it twitches slightly and quickly twice, bringing out a short and urgent breath.
He believed that his own expression at this time should be similar to that of the other party.
Wang Bo held Dong Zhen’s head and kissed her lips gently. First, he just kissed the other person’s lips briefly, and then he explored the other person’s teeth with his tongue. This action met with almost no resistance. Dong Zhen opened her white teeth slightly and allowed Wang Bo’s big tongue to penetrate deeply and “play wildly” with her own tongue. At one point, she even forcefully sucked it into her mouth, savoring it as if she were eating some unparalleled delicacy in the world. Her movements were gentle at times and violent at times.
This affectionate and long kiss lasted for at least five minutes before their lips separated from each other. After that, they were breathing together like a bellows.
At this time, Dong Zhen’s fair complexion had completely disappeared and turned into a bright red as if she had applied a layer of rouge. Taking a deep breath together, the panting two people inadvertently raised their heads again and forgot about each other. This time, without any hesitation, the two bodies leaned forward almost at the same time, and then hugged each other.
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