ole life will be over. But he could only be modest and say that Uncle Li was too generous, but he was still far behind compared to his father!

ole life will be over. But he could only be modest and say that Uncle Li was too generous, but he was still far behind compared to his father!
Guan Yongxiang also reacted, and then he excitedly picked up the wine bottle and poured wine for Wang Bo. Like Li Zhonghua, he said compliments such as “I insist on getting it” and “Boer insists on doing big things in the future.” I thought to myself, this kid is really good at talking and behaving.
Guan Ping quickly left and came back, but when she came back, she had two bottles of beer in her hand. Several diners in the yard who were red-faced and swollen from drinking saw the beer in Guan Ping’s hand and shouted that they wanted to drink beer too. Guan Yongxiang felt a little embarrassed after hearing this. He only prepared bulk liquor for tonight’s meal, and the two boxes of beer were saved for tomorrow’s lunch. The current beer is considered a relatively “high-end” wine for ordinary rural people and mountain people. Except for holidays or when relatives come home, they rarely buy it and drink it. If you want to drink, just go to the store and buy some cheap bulk liquor. People who drink usually drink two to three ounces of white wine, which is about half a catty at most. But if they drink beer instead, they may not feel the same after blowing four or five bottles, which is not cost-effective.
But now that guests are clamoring for a drink, we have to let them drink. Guan Yongxiang could only ask Guan Ping to go back to the bedroom to get a few more bottles.
Once you take it like this, the beginning will be endless. Of the twelve guests at the table, at least half were drinking. When some mothers-in-law, eldest daughter-in-law and little daughter-in-law, who didn’t drink alcohol before, saw that there was beer to drink, they also started to join in the fun, shouting “Ping girl” to bring them two bottles too. Now that they are happy, they, the female generals, should also join in the fun. In the end, Guan Ping almost became a beer girl selling night beer at a food stall, running back and forth between the yard and her bedroom.
Wang Bo felt sorry for Guan Ping. After someone called for beer again, he simply got up and went into her dormitory with Guan Ping. He took out all the beer that only had one box left, and placed it with a clang in the middle of the courtyard. Let those who want to drink beer feel free to do so.
When Guan Yongxiang saw Guan Ping taking out the last box of beer, his sneer face immediately stopped laughing. The muscles on his face trembled. He hated the diners for being greedy, but also hated Guan Ping for being ignorant and not knowing how to be considerate of her family’s financial conditions. I drank all the beer tonight. What will I serve to the guests for lunch tomorrow? But he didn’t dare to hate Wang Bo. Guan Yongxiang’s heart gradually grew angry, and the smile on his face disappeared. If there were no guests around, I would have to use practical actions to give Guan Ping a good philosophy lesson on “being a human being.”
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