from Holger’s mouth, Sun Hao also knew many things about Nowitzki’s past.

from Holger’s mouth, Sun Hao also knew many things about Nowitzki’s past.
Nowitzki’s father was a handball player, so he learned handball when he was very young, but when he was a little older, he had his own ideas and started to love tennis.
In the beginning, his tennis journey was smooth, with outstanding talent, and he would even become a top tennis star if he continued to develop according to that script.
Unfortunately, he was suppressed by his opponents at the same time and was frustrated.
Then, there’s basketball.
This sounds weird, but it is true.
Unsuccessful in tennis, coupled with Nowitzki’s growing height, he eventually entered basketball under the guidance of his mother.
Then, he was discovered by Holt.
Holger was also an outstanding basketball player in Germany when he was young, and he also had an American mentor named “Butler”.
Butler admired his talent very much and often took him to play in the United States.
It’s a pity that the NBA did not recruit overseas players at all in that era, and Butler had no chance to play in the NBA.
/That also became a big regret in his life.
Just like hoping for success in his children, Holger also likes to have someone to inherit his regrets.
Then there is the mentor-disciple relationship between him and Nowitzki.
After listening to what Holger said, Sun Hao suddenly felt that he could understand everything.
There are no people in the world who don’t have absolute selfishness, you just don’t see it.
/Holger is also making up for his regrets by coaching Nowitzki.
But this is actually a kind of benign selfishness.
Maxima needs Bole. Without Holger, Nowitzki may not be as high as he is today. He may become a European insider who is unknown to everyone.
This can be felt from the novel training methods during the day.
“I still have to thank you for your suggestion of Dirk’s ‘Golden Rooster Independence’. It is really suitable for him, as if it was uniquely designed for him.”
Holger gave Sun Hao a grateful look at the end.
Sun Hao’s face turned red unconsciously after hearing this.
He was a little embarrassed about this matter.
And after this day of training, he could also guess that Nowitzki’s move in history was probably developed specifically for him by Holger in the future.
In other words, he took someone else’s patent and was praised by the inventor of the patent, which made him feel a little ashamed.
“Actually, I think if I don’t tell you, you will design it for him in two years, because you are the person who knows him best.”
Sun Hao told the truth this time.
Holger burst out laughing after hearing this.
He found out why Sun Hao sounded so nice?
After three days in Starnberg, Sun Hao and Nowitzki returned to Würzburg.
Nowitzki took Sun Hao to visit his hometown.
Würzburg is the name of this town and the name of the local landmark Würzburg.
There is a Romantic Road in Germany, which goes all the way up the Main River and is more than 300 kilometers long. There are basically medieval castles and small tow