he sun and the sky are just the same thing. Is it his son?”

he sun and the sky are just the same thing. Is it his son?”
“This nickname came from Barkley, so he seems to be Sun Hei, but in fact he is Sun Chui?”
“If you turn 6, it’s 9. He’s so dark that he’s naturally pink, so there’s nothing wrong with him!”
“I’m really saying that. I like Nowitzki so much. He and Sun Hao are both inside and outside, Dallas double shot, Splash Brothers, so cool!” ”
Have you noticed that Nowitzki looks like some of them in “Journey to the West” That Silver Horn King?”
“Which Silver Horn King? Why don’t I remember it?”
“Yes, yes, there is a picture, I’ll go, you didn’t say I didn’t notice it, but when you said it, I found it really looks like it! No, it’s just like that He’s just the same person!”
“Haha, Silver Horn King Nowitzki, Sun Sun Hao, Nash, what’s his name? What’s Finley’s name?”
/“Finley has a nickname, shepherd, let’s translate it, how about calling him Cowherd Boy? ”

As for Nash, he plays very elegantly. Look at his passing, which is as fast as the wind. How about calling him the Son of the Wind? ”
“Beautiful! Congratulations, you have been admitted by the relevant departments in Dallas. You will be admitted tomorrow. You can go to work!”
“Haha, now the Big Four in Dallas have nicknames, this is about to take off!” ”
So now, can we start looking forward to the championship?”
One day later, the Mavericks went to Sacramento to play the Kings. a game.
Their winning streak ended here.
Chris Webber, Nelson’s former disciple, scored 30 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks, which blew Nowitzki away.
The Kings’ Princeton style of play is already very mature, completely different from the half-finished game played by Barcelona when Sun Hao was in Europe.
It also exposed many weaknesses of the Mavericks. Although they have an excellent record, their hard power is actually not that strong.
If they want to become a team capable of competing for the championship, they still have a lot to improve.
After the game against the Kings, the Mavericks players prepared to return to Dallas.
But Sun Hao didn’t go back with him. He took the plane to New York directly.
There are two ways for the NBA to receive the Rookie of the Month award: award it before the game, or go to the New York league office to get it yourself.
/The Mavericks have not played any games in the Eastern Conference recently, so the pre-game presentation was expected to be very late, so Sun Hao simply flew over and got it himself.
Just in time, he could go to the New York Stock Exchange.
The unexpected gains from his previous investment in Google gave him confidence in investing.
Of course he doesn’t know how to do business, but he just goes over to see if there are any familiar stocks, buy a hand or something, just for leisure and entertainment.
The NBA is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.
When Sun Hao went there, he called in advance. When he arrived at the door, a dedicated staff member came to greet him, and he was an Asian named Tatum.
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