y one-sided.

y one-sided.
Curry not only has a huge body, but also has flexibility and skills that do not match his size. He can even turn over and shoot.
Griffin was suppressed and didn’t even get a chance to attack.
In one round, Griffin was killed.
/This makes people unconsciously think of Shark O’Neal.
“He looks like a small shark.”
Klaus sighed after watching it for a while, feeling slightly excited.
After Griffin, Gasol, Chandler and Diop appeared one after another.
Gasol was also suppressed and couldn’t do anything, but Chandler and Diop performed well.
But what the latter two have in common is that they defend the strong and attack the weak, and they were both defeated in the end.
Yao Ming was the last one to play.
His opponent is Eddie Curry, who has completed four consecutive games and was just given the name “Baby Shark” by Krause.
At this time, the Bulls coaching staff’s attention was all on Curry, and they didn’t even look at Yao Ming, who was about to play.
Sun Hao said after seeing the situation on and off the field.
Yao Ming nodded.
Watching Yao Ming take the field, Sun Hao took out a thermos cup from his schoolbag.
Inside is the wolfberry tea that was just brewed in the morning.
He took a small sip and found it was a bit hot, so he opened the lid and put it aside, sat down and looked at the field.
Eddie Curry, Sun Hao doesn’t have much impression of him.
The little shark that Klaus just mentioned is his most popular nickname.
By the way, there is another thing that is considered his peak moment.
In a regular season game in 2003, he limited O’Neal to 13 points and 10 rebounds, and he also scored 20 points and 6 rebounds. He was called “the best center in the Eastern Conference” by O’Neal.
But really speaking, Curry’s talent is indeed pretty good. Although he occasionally struggled in the first few years of his NBA career, he generally did well.
At his peak with the Knicks, he averaged 19.5 points per game and was considered a quasi-All-Star.
But this “quasi-All-Star” is limited to scoring.
It’s hard to imagine that a player of his size only averaged 7 rebounds per game in his peak season.
The media once commented on him: He is the most offensive center after O’Neal and Yao Ming. His pick-and-roll quality is also very good, but other than that he is useless.
Even at his peak, his rebounding, defense, and support were all at the middle and lower levels of the league, and he often needed a blue-collar power forward to partner with him.
Moreover, he is lazy and has extremely low fighting spirit.
At the beginning of each season, he is as fat as Gasol and needs 1 to 2 months to lose weight.
Because of his high weight, he eventually faded out of the league.
/Sun Hao said before that Fatty would not be able to survive in the alliance of this era, and he was not joking.
Of course, these are all things for later.
Curry, Chandler, and Kwame Brown are now known as the “three top high school students in the class of 2000.” Their upper limit is unknown a