Martin can’t attack with the ball, but as Sun Hao expected, catching the ball and attacking is what he is good at.

Martin can’t attack with the ball, but as Sun Hao expected, catching the ball and attacking is what he is good at.
The first grade team kept up their efforts at this stage and actually overtook the score!
The second-year team returned to its main force ahead of schedule, and the two sides began to enter the final battle.
Martin was replaced.
Martin had a huge misunderstanding of Cole’s arrangement, but one thing he guessed was right, that is, Cole did not want him to play with Sun Hao.
When Martin came off the field, he kicked the bench in anger, but in the end he had no choice but to do anything.
Even if Cole is a rookie, he is still the head coach of the first-year team. How can the players fight with the coach?
What’s more, after tonight, there will be nothing between them.
Cole doesn’t have to worry about what will happen in the future!
Of course, not many people noticed what was happening on the sidelines at this time, because the game on the court had already entered a fever pitch.
Here, Sun Hao assisted Miller to hit a three-pointer, and over there, Terry immediately responded with one.
Over there, Odom assisted Marion for a layup. Over here, Sun Hao broke through and passed the ball to Myers, who dunked another one.
The game came to the last 26 seconds of regular time, and the score was tied at 87.
Sun Hao held the ball to press the time, and when it was almost over, he took advantage of Myers’ pick-and-roll and retreated to face the double defense of Francis and Odom.
A difficult shot.
But Sun Hao didn’t panic at all. The worst possible outcome would be overtime.
/Shooting depends on ability, and key shooting depends on psychological quality.
Sun Hao didn’t panic at all and his shots were quite stable.
The ball passes through a high parabola in the air.
It’s in!
90 to 87!
Sun Hao’s quasi-kill!
The scene fell into a boiling sound.
Not only Curry, but also James screamed excitedly.
He has already started adopting a new nickname!
After Sun Hao scored, he didn’t do anything to brag about it.
After seeing Curry making crazy three-point gestures, he ran under the basket and made a fist in front of the camera.
Little finger extended.
The ring finger is extended.
Middle finger,
finger, thumb
and then a “six” gesture.
This means that he has made 6 three-pointers tonight!
Su Qun asked “Is he already the strongest three-point shooter in the NBA?” 》, this gesture is the answer.
The sophomore team called a timeout, and they only had the last 3 seconds left.
The first-year team has a good chance of continuing last year’s record and completing a double win over the second-year team.
“Sun Hao, he’s going to win the MVP!”
In the broadcast booth, Su Qun had already started cheering for Sun Hao in advance.
Sun Hao has scored 32 points and has 9 assists. With these statistics, he is definitely MVP!
And this score also broke the single-game scoring record in the rookie game!
/The value of this MVP will be historic!
After the timeout