dded immediately:

Two o’clock in the afternoon, Zotland Street Shooting Club, small shooting range No. 9.
Klein glanced at the bullet-riddled target, looked at the slightly uneasy lunatic asylum doctor Dast Guderian and said:
“What happened to make you go to the Hound Tavern to find the mercenary team in a panic?”
Only in this way will the owner of the Hound Tavern, Wright, immediately deliver the letter to the Blackthorn Security Company instead of waiting for Klein to pick it up himself.
Dast observed Klein’s subtle expressions and body movements, and replied in a deep voice:
“I feel like Hood Ogen has been a little unusual lately.”
Hood Organ was the asylum patient who developed Daxter into a member of the Psycho-Alchemist Society.
“Is there any abnormal behavior?” Klein asked very professionally.
Dast secretly breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had found support, and said after careful consideration:
“He, he seems, seems to be really crazy.”
“Really crazy?” Klein asked in shock.
Didn’t Hood Eugen pretend to be ill and sneak into the lunatic asylum in order to exercise his corresponding abilities in the spiritual field, trying to influence the patients in both positive and negative ways?
He is really sick, really crazy
/“I think so.” Dust paced back and forth a little anxiously. “I was able to communicate with him normally before and was taught how to use extraordinary abilities correctly, but in the past few days, his thoughts and state… It became very strange and I often couldn’t communicate, just like I faced other patients. Although, although this also allowed me to successfully obtain the formula for a mind reader, I couldn’t confirm whether it was real or fake. I am even more afraid of uncontrollable changes.”
It doesn’t matter. As a diviner, a diviner with a mysterious space above the gray fog, truth and falsehood cannot be confused. Klein first breathed a sigh of relief, then frowned and asked:
“Who did he come into contact with before he became abnormal?”
“Only those patients, I, I’m not sure. I’m not in the lunatic asylum every hour every day. I also have time to rest.” Dast replied with a solemn expression.
Klein nodded gently, as if it was a trivial matter:
“Don’t be nervous, I will send someone to protect you secretly. You should find out as soon as possible who Hu Deogen has contacted before. In addition, you must be careful that he is testing you. Well, you’d better report this matter to other psychological alchemy societies at the same time. Members, let’s see how the top brass of your organization react.”
“Okay.” Dast pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses and regained his unique calmness as an audience. Then he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Klein. “This is the recipe for the mind-reading potion. I don’t want it.” Make sure it’s correct.”
“We will verify it.” Klein replied with a smile, unfolded it on the spot, and took a look.
“Main materials: The complete pituitary gland of an adult Discussaurus, and 10 ml of spinal fluid from the Falsma