The most important thing is that David killed all the mercenaries, which protected the credibility of Starfly.

These mercenaries dare to do such a big thing and slap the face of the interstellar flyers, so there will be an end to it.
Needless to say, the ending is to blow up the interstellar flyer directly. The damage caused to the interstellar flyer will be fatal.
So for David, Melvin Chaofan feels more grateful.
“David, what are your plans for the three mercenary groups?” Melvin Chaofan looked at David and asked.
“Melvin Chaofan, I don’t quite understand what you mean?” David also looked at Melvin Chaofan and asked.
“I have studied your files. Your method of dealing with the enemy has always been to kill them all. If these three mercenary groups attack you like this, you will not fail to respond!” Melvin Chaofan said with a faint smile. .
David slaughtered so many soldiers on the Starflyer, a pair of six hundred, including five famous weapons masters. How could it be possible not to let Melvin Cha Chao check David’s background.
Melvin Chaofan was shocked when he saw David’s file. David, who had just graduated from high school, had more than a thousand soldiers died under him this time.
/As for the number of people who died indirectly at his hands, it exceeded 10,000.
How could such a David endure it like this after being attacked by an organization.
“With you taking action, why would you need me?” David replied with a smile.
When he saw Melvin’s extraordinary, David was surprised by the courage of those mercenaries. There was actually a transcendent in the Starflyer company. Those mercenaries still dared to cause trouble on the Starflyer. Isn’t this looking for death?
“Do you think Chaofan can do whatever he wants?” Melvin Chaofan shook his head and said with a wry smile. He casually opened a map in front of him and continued: “Chaofans have their own protection areas. If other Chaofans enter rashly, it will be regarded as a provocation. , it’s okay if they are friends, but if the relationship itself is not good, then it will cause direct conflict.”
Melvin Chaofan clicked three times on the map light screen and marked three names on it, namely the locations of the Red Fire Mercenary Group, the Blue Ice Mercenary Group and the Shadow Mercenary Group.
“This is the Yak planet, known as the holy land of the mercenary group. In the space near the Yak planet, there are more than a dozen abandoned space fortresses. After being abandoned, these space fortresses were handed over to the Yak planet for management and then sold to the Yak planet. formed some mercenary groups.
These three space fortresses are the bases of the three mercenary groups: Red Fire, Blue Ice, and Shadow.
Planet Jacques is guarded by Gerald Chaofan. He is a mercenary. He enjoys the service of mercenaries and also provides guardian responsibilities to mercenaries. The relationship between me and Gerald Chaofan is not good. If I go there, He can only fight against Jerrold Chaomon, but cannot do anything to these three mercenary groups