middle class and common people.

After finishing the interpretation, Klein recalled the revelation he had just received and noticed a problem keenly:
Where are Cappin’s wife and children?
They did not appear in the restaurant. Could it be that Kapin is an extreme believer of the Storm Lord? Women and children have to go to the living room to dine. Or maybe there is another reason. Kapin is not married yet and has no children. He is middle-aged. Well, Klein tried divination, but failed to get any effective revelation, so he had to give up.
“7:30.” He repeated the time and then returned to the real world.
In the evening, Kapin, who was wearing a formal bow tie even at home, narrowed his eyes, looked at the men in front of him, and asked in a slow but chilling voice:
“Fabien is dead”
“Yes, boss.” Even though he had been Kapin’s friend for many years, the subordinate was still a little afraid and terrified.
“Olds, please call me sir, sir. In a few years, you will have to call me Sir.” Capin tugged on his tie and seemed to be handling a thick cigar leisurely, “When did Fabian die?”
“This afternoon, I asked him to go to the East District to do something. As a result, he had a conflict with people from the Zimang Party and was stabbed in the neck,” Odes described tremblingly.
Kapin was smoking a cigar and said in a calm tone:
“Fabian is such a fool.
“However, the people in the Zimang Party will not know that he is a fool under my command.”
“Sir, as you know, people from the plateau often go to the East District to join the Zmange Party. They are barbaric and reckless, and they don’t care who is who.” Odes quickly explained.
Capping snorted:
“They forgot that this is not a plateau or, in other words, they forgot that I am Kaping
“Odes, I want the body of the Zmange Party leader in that neighborhood. Can you do it? If you can’t do it, I will sink your wife and children, along with you, into the Tasok River.”
“Sir, there’s no problem.” Odes immediately raised his voice.
Immediately, he asked in a low voice:
“Who can I mobilize?”
Capin was about to answer when the door was suddenly pushed open and Heras, a middle-aged gentleman wearing a white hair cap, walked in.
He glanced at Odes indifferently, and then moved his eyes to Kapin:
“I heard that one of your men had a conflict with gangs in the East District and died.”
“Yes, Mr. Heras.” Capin stood up with a cigar in his hand.
Heras stared into Kapin’s eyes and said:
“You want to get back at them”
Drops of sweat suddenly broke out on Capping’s forehead:
/“No, no, Mr. Heras, you misunderstood.”
Heras nodded slightly and said: “You must remember that during the critical period, we try not to cause trouble unless necessary.”
He paused for a second, observed Kapin’s reaction and said:
“You are not the only human trafficker in Backlund. We can support you and others. You have to remember this.
/“I selected you because you are vicious, shameless, yet extremely cautious, not because you are already the biggest human trafficker.”
Odes listened to the conv